DIY Salvation? 11/19/17 By Pastor Vincent Choi (English Manuscript) ; (mp3 audio) (English sermon with Mandarin translation)

Grace at the Grave 11/12/17 By Pastor Vincent Choi (English Manuscript) ; (mp3 audio) (English sermon with Mandarin translation)

Fear Not! 11/05/17 By Pastor Vincent Choi (English Manuscript) ; (mp3 audio) (Mandarin sermon with English translation)

Jesus the Good Shepherd 10/22/17 By Pastor Vincent Choi (English Manuscript) ; (mp3 audio) (English sermon with Mandarin translation)

Jesus the Eye-Opener 10/15/17 By Pastor Vincent Choi (English Manuscript) ; (mp3 audio) (Mandarin sermon with English translation)

Spiritual Ritual 10/08/17 By Pastor Vincent Choi (English Manuscript) ; (mp3 audio) (English sermon with Mandarin translation)

Rite Done Right 10/01/17 By Pastor Vincent Choi (English Manuscript) ; (mp3 audio) (Mandarin sermon with English translation)

The Unwelcome Gospel 9/24/17 By Pastor Vincent Choi (English Manuscript) ; (mp3 audio) (English sermon with Mandarin translation)

Virtual Reality 9/17/17 By Pastor Vincent Choi (English Manuscript) ; (mp3 audio) (Mandarin sermon with English translation)

Everybody Is A Somebody In Christ's Body 9/10/17 By Pastor Vincent Choi (English Manuscript) ; (mp3 audio) (English sermon with Mandarin translation)

UNITY CHURCH 9/3/17 By Pastor Vincent Choi (English Manuscript) ; (mp3 audio) (Mandarin sermon with English translation)

Sermon by Pastor Tommy Vinson 08/27/17 (Combined)

Sermon by Rev Lin 08/20/17 (Combined)

Sermon by Pastor Zhang 08/13/17 (Combined)

Reflecton Of The Ten Commandmants by Rev Paul Lin 07/30/17 (Combined)

Peace! Be Still! Our Spiritual Needs In Times of Crises by Anthony Burdick 07/23/17 (Combined)

March By Faith by Pastor Zhang 07/16/17 (Combined)

The One Word Gospel - Grace by John Harrison 07/09/17 (Combined)

Sermon by Mitch Martin 07/02/17 (Combined)

Sermon by Bob Janson 06/25/17 (Combined)

Sermon by Pastor Zhang 06/18/17 (Combined)

Sermon by Mike Day 06/11/17 (Combined)

Sermon by Danny Barnwell 05/21/17 (Combined)

Ambassadors for Christ - Faithful Testimony in Faithless Times by Bro Howard Campbell 05/14/17 (Combined)

Intentional Discipleship - A Remedy for Spiritual Anemia by Bro Howard Campbell 05/07/17 (Combined)

The Faith to Surrender 04/30/17 By Sermon by Pastor Vincent Choi (Youtube link)

Sermon by Ron Roy 04/23/17 (Combined)

Sermon by Pastor Joe Stinnett 04/02/17 (Combined)

Sermon by Pastor Timothy Chen 03/26/17 (Combined)

Sermon by Pastor Zhang 03/19/17 (Combined)

Sermon by John Harrison 03/12/17 (Combined)

Sermon by Danny Barnwell 03/05/17 (Combined)

Sermon by Edmund Wong 02/26/17 (Combined)

Sermon by TJ Sipes 02/19/17 (Combined)

WHAT IS THE CHURCH? 02/05/17 By Ron Coulson (English) ; (mp3 audio) (Combined)

CHRIST’S EVERLASTING CHURCH 01/08/17 By Ron Coulson (English) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

THE GOSPEL OF CHRISTMAS 12/25/16 By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (Combined)

PATIENCE IN SUFFERING 12/18/16 By Ron Coulson (English) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

THE IMPENDING JUSTICE OF GOD 12/11/16 By Ron Coulson (English) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

SETTING THE BEST GOALS OF LIFE 12/04/16 By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (Combined)

ACKNOWLEDGING THE SOVEREIGNTY OF GOD 11/27/16 By Ron Coulson (English) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

GIVE THANKS IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES 11/20/16 Sermon By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (Combined)

BE SLOW TO SPEAK (Part 3) 11/13/16 By Ron Coulson (English) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

WE, THE PEOPLE 11/06/16 By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (Combined)

BE SLOW TO SPEAK (Part 2) 10/30/16 By Ron Coulson (English) ; (mp3 audio) (Combined)

SLOW TO ANGER (Part 4) 10/23/16 By Ron Coulson (English) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

GOD'S HOUSE, OUR CHURCH 10/16/16 By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

DOWN BUT NOT OUT 10/09/16 By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

SLOW TO ANGER (Part 3) 10/02/16 By Ron Coulson (English) ; (mp3 audio) (Combined)

9/25/16 By Pastor Yau ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

BE SLOW TO ANGER (PART 2) 09/18/16 By Ron Coulson (English) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

A LEAKING ROOF 9/11/16 By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (Combined)

SLOW TO ANGER (Part 1) 09/04/16 By Ron Coulson (English) ; (mp3 audio) (Combined)

BE HEALTHY AND FRUITFUL 8/28/16 By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (Combined)

BE SLOW TO SPEAK 08/21/16 By Ron Coulson (English) ; (mp3 audio) (Combined)

BUILDING POSITIVE INFLUENCE 8/14/16 By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (Combined)

BE SWIFT TO HEAR (Part 3) 07/31/16 By Ron Coulson (English) ; (mp3 audio) (Combined)

BLESSED ARE THE OBEDIENT 7/17/16 By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (Combined)

BE SWIFT TO HEAR (Part 2) 07/10/16 By Ron Coulson (English) ; (mp3 audio) (Combined)

ONCE SAVED, ALWAYS SAVED 7/03/16 By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (Combined)

BE SWIFT TO HEAR 06/26/16 By Ron Coulson (English) ; (mp3 audio) (Combined)

UNTANGLE PERSONAL CONFLICTS 6/19/16 By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (Combined)

FAITH ENDURES 06/17/16 By Dr Michael Spradlin ; (mp3 audio) (Combined)

FAITH ENDURES 06/12/16 By Ron Coulson (English) ; (mp3 audio) (Combined)

ROAD MAP TO BETTER RELATIONSHIP 6/05/16 By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (Combined)

DIVINE DIRECTIONS FOR CHURCH DISCIPLINE 05/29/16 By Ron Coulson (English) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

Randy Shepherd 5/22/16 ; (mp3 audio) (Combined)

THE ROAD MAP TO UNITY 5/15/16 By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

MADE NEW FOR NEW LIFE 05/09/16 By Ron Coulson (English) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

OUR MOST SECURE PROVIDER 5/01/16 By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (Combined)

A CALL FOR AUTHORITATIVE PREACHING 04/24/16 By Ron Coulson (English) ; (mp3 audio) (English)

NOBODY NOTICED 4/17/16 By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

JUDGE AND JURY 4/10/16 By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

Training Leaders To make Disciple 04/02/16 - 04-03-2016 By Wade and Barbara Akins (English) ; (mp3 audio) (English Day 1)
(Combined Day 2)

THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION 03/27/16 By Ron Coulson (English) ; (mp3 audio) (Combined)

GO FURTHER, GET HIGHER 3/20/16 By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

LOVE THE WORK OF GRACE 03/13/16 By Ron Coulson (English)

THE RIGHTEOUS JUDGMENT OF GOD 3/6/16 By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (Combine)

SACRIFICIAL LOVE AT WORK 02/28/16 By Ron Coulson (English)

BETTER USE OF WORDS 2/21/16 By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese)

DRESS UP 2/14/16 By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese)

LOVE THE WORLD SACRIFICALLY 02/07/16 By Ron Coulson (English) ; (mp3 audio) (Combined)

LOVING ONE ANOTHER HUMBLY 01/31/16 By Ron Coulson (English) ; (mp3 audio) (Combined)

LOVING GOD SUPREMELY 01/24/16 By Ron Coulson (English) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

KEEPING A HEART SET APART FOR GOD 01/17/16 By Ron Coulson (English) ; (mp3 audio) (English)

WINNING OVER JERICHO 1/10/16 By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

BE RESOLVED WORSHIP GOD 1/3/16 By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (Combined)

GOD’S DESIGN FOR A HEALTHY CHURCH 12/27/15 By Ron Coulson (English) ; (mp3 audio) (Combined)

SOLVING THE MYSTERIES OF CHRISTMAS 12/20/15 By Ron Coulson (English)

TREES AND FRUITS 12/13/15 By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

BE MERCIFUL, NOT CRITICA 12/6/15 By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (Combined)

GOD’S MAN DEMONSTRATES GODLY VIRTUE 11/29/15 By Ron Coulson (English) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

PRAY JESUS' WAY 11/22/15 By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

BE WORRIED OR BE THANKFUL 11/15/15 By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (Combined)

CHOOSE THIS DAY YOUR MESSAGE 11/08/15 By Ron Coulson (English) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

DO GOOD AND DO IT RIGHT 11/1/15 By Pastor Yau (English) ; (mp3 audio) (Combined)

HOW TO HANDLE ENEMIES 10/25/15 By Pastor Yau (English) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

ANGER IS A REAL PROBLEM 10/18/15 By Pastor Yau (English) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

GOD’S MAN DEMONSTRATES GODLY VIRTUE 10/11/15 By Ron Coulson (English) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

THE TENTH COMMANDMENT 9/27/15 By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

THE NINTH COMMANDMENT 9/20/15 By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

GOD'S MAN IS SELF-CONTROLLED 9/13/15 By Ron Coulson (English) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

THE EIGHTH COMMANDMENT 9/6/15 By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (Combined)

THE SEVENTH COMMANDMENT 8/30/15 By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

THE SIXTH COMMANDMENT 8/23/15 By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

GOD'S MAN IS A FAMILY MAN 8/9/15 By Ron Coulson (English) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

THE FORTH COMMANDMENT 8/2/15 By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (Combined)

THE THIRD COMMANDMENT 7/26/15 By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (Combined)

THE SECOND COMMANDMENT 7/19/15 By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (Combined)

Knowing Your Mission 7/12/15 By Ron Coulson (English) ; (mp3 audio) (Combined)

THE FIRST COMMANDMENT 7/5/15 By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (Combined)

BORN AGAIN TO BUILD 6/21/15 By Ron Coulson (English) ; (mp3 audio) (Combined)

THE FIFTH COMMANDMENT 6/14/15 By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (Combined)

GIVING IS INVESTING 6/7/15 By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (Combined)

LIVING IN LIGHT OF CHRIST’S RETURN 5/31/15 By Ron Coulson (English) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

WINNING A SPIRITUAL WARFARE 5/24/15 By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

SIMPLE STEPS TO EFFECTIVE PRAYER 5/17/15 By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

A Healthy Church Part 3B 5/10/15 By Ron Coulson (English) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

A Healthy Church Part 3A 5/3/15 By Ron Coulson (English) ; (mp3 audio) (Combined)

GETTING RICH AND LOVING GOD 4/26/15 By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

BE CALM IN AN UNJUST WORLD 4/19/15 By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

A Healthy Church Part 2 4/12/15 By Ron Coulson (English) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

EASTER IS AMAZING 4/5/15 By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) ; (mp3 audio) (Combined)

Chinese Churches of Memphis Joint Evangelistic Meeting 4/3/15 Rev. Bingcheng Feng ; (mp3 audio) (Message 1) (Message 2) (Message 3) (Message 4)

THE WRATH OF GOD 3/29/15 By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

A Healthy Church Part 1 3/22/15 By Ron Coulson (English) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

WE ARE HIS WITNESSES 3/15/15 By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese)

LEADERS AND SERVANTS 3/8/15 By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese)

Judgement Day 3/1/15 By Ron Coulson (English) ; (mp3 audio) (Combined)

NOT ASHAMED OF THE GOSPEL 2/22/15 By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese)

ATTITUDE AND SUCCESS 2/15/15 By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

Hope In The Second Coming 2/8/15 By Ron Coulson (English) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

OVERCOMING DESIRES AND TEMPTATIONS 2/1/15 By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (Combined)

SPREAD THE GOOD NEWS FAR AND WIDE 1/25/15 By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

The Gospel Revealed in Our Conduct 1/18/15 By Ron Coulson (English) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

GET OUT OF THAT COMFORT ZONE 1/11/15 By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

TAPPING THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT 1/4/15 By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (Combined)

What Christmas Meant For Us 12/28/14 By Ron Coulson (Combined)

HOW TO RESPOND TO CHRISTMAS 12/21/14 By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (Combined)

WHY DOES GOD GIVE US TALENTS 12/14/14 By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

Pleasing God 12/07/14 By Ron Coulson (Combine) ; (mp3 audio) (Combine)

OVERCOMING SPIRITUAL FATIGUE 11/30/14 By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English)

THANK GOD FOR HIS ABUNDANCE 11/23/14 By Pastor Yau (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (Combined)

BEING PASSIONATE FOR THE RIGHT THINGS 11/16/14 By Ron Coulson (English) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

DON'T LOOK BACK LOOK FORWARD 11/09/14 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

THE CHALLENGE OF FORGIVING 11/02/14 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (Combined)

Walking In A Manner Worthy Of God 10/26/14 By Ron Coulson (English) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

DON'T FORGET THE UNSUNG HEROES 10/17/14 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

LIFE CHANGING OPPORTUNITY 10/12/14 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English)

TURNING THE WORLD UPSIDE DOWN (by Rev. Ron Coulson) 10/05/14 ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

A TALE OF TWO CITIES (by Rev. Ron Coulson) 09/28/14 ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

SPIRITUAL IN PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS 09/21/14 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

SPIRITUAL IN OUR SPEECH 09/14/14 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

Rev. Ron Coulson's message 09/07/14 ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

SPIRITUAL IN ENDURANCE 08/31/14 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

SPIRITUAL IN OUR INNER QUALITY 08/24/14 (English) (Chinese)

SPIRITUAL IN EVERYDAY LIFE (Part 1) 08/10/14 (English) (Chinese)

HOW DO YOU HANDLE FAILURES 07/13/14 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

A LITTLE TALK ABOUT WORSHIP 07/06/14 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

IN THE WORLD, BUT NOT OF THE WORLD 06/29/14 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

CHRIST IS THE COMPLETE ANSWER 06/22/14 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

MAY LIFE GO WELL WITH YOU 06/01/14 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

FACTORS OF A STRONG CHURCH 06/01/14 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

A MEMOIRE OF A PREACHER'S LIFE 05/25/14 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

DO GOOD AND DO IT RIGHT 05/18/14 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

REFLECTION ON SERVANTHOOD 05/11/14 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

TITHING IS INVESTING 05/04/14 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

MARVELOUS REDEMPTION 04/27/14 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

THE SIGNIFICANCE OF EASTER 04/20/14 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

VICTORY THROUGH DEATH 04/13/14 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

BE RECONCILED TO GOD 03/30/14 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

THE SUPREMACY OF JESUS CHRIST 03/23/14 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

WHEN I AM JEALOUS 03/16/14 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

PRAYER ON HIGHER LEVEL 03/09/14 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

THE WONDERS OF THE GOSPEL TRUTH 03/02/14 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

THE CHALLENGE OF UNITY 02/23/14 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

WHO IS READY FOR BLESSINGS 02/16/14 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

WHEN I AM ANGRY 02/09/14 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

WHEN I AM AFRAID 02/02/14 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

HAPPINESS IS CONTENTMENT 01/26/14 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

YOU HAVE BEEN CHOSEN 01/19/14 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

GETTING TO KNOW YOUR CHURCH 01/12/14 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

GETTING TO KNOW YOUR CHURCH 01/05/14 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

THE EYES OF THE LORD ON THIS LAND 12/29/13 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

SPREADING THE GOOD NEWS 12/22/13 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

THE BEAUTY OF WAITING 12/15/13 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

THE DANGER OF DEFECTION 12/01/13 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English)

RIGHT OUR OWN WRONGS 11/17/13 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

GOD CALLS THEM FOOL 11/10/13 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

THE POWER OF THE GOSPEL 11/03/13 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

FEELING INFERIOR 10/27/13 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (Chinese)

DO GOOD 10/20/13 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

THE PRESENCE OF GOD 10/13/13 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

CAUGHT BETWEEN SURVIVAL 10/06/13 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

THE MARVELOUS SALVATION 09/29/13 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

THE DANGER OF ENTRAPMENT 09/22/13 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

HANDLING MISUNDERSTANDING 09/15/13 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

FACING THE IMPOSSIBLE 09/08/13 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

USE YOUR WORDS PROPERLY 08/25/13 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

CELL PHONE VS PRAYER 08/18/13 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English)

LIVE HAPPILY EVER-AFTER 07/28/13 (English) (Chinese)

SIN AND FORGIVENESS 07/07/13 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

DEALING WITH COMPATIBILITY 06/30/13 (English) (Chinese)

THE REVAMP OF DISCIPLINE 06/23/13 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

WHAT TO DO WITH OUR CHILDREN 06/16/13 (English) (Chinese)

DEALING WITH THIRSTY SOUL 06/09/13 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

DOUBLE CHECK OUR ATTITUDE 06/02/13 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

THE LOST ART OF RESPECT 05/19/13 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

THE LOST ART OF RESPECT 05/12/13 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

GOD SEES IT ALL 05/05/13 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

FROM THE HEAD TO THE HEART 04/28/13 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

THERE IS A BETTER WAY 04/21/13 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

IGNORANCE ISN'T INNOCENCE 04/07/13 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

A PLACE NEAR THE CROSS 03/31/13 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

DON'T BE FOOLED BY THE LOOK 03/24/13 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

CHOOSE YOUR GOD 03/17/13 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

WHICH WAY IS THE BEST WAY 03/10/13 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

PROTECT THE TEMPLE OF GOD 02/17/13 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

BEYOND YOUR VALENTINE 02/10/13 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

HE DIDN'T MAKE IT 02/03/13 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

PRAYER ON A HIGHER LEVEL 01/27/13 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

WINNING OR LOSING 01/20/13 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

INVEST FOR YOUR FUTURE 01/13/13 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

READY FOR THE NEW YEAR 01/06/13 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

IT'S MORE THAN A BIRTHDAY 12/23/12 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

ARE YOU READY 12/16/12 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

TOO HELPFUL 12/09/12 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

HARD PRESSED, NOT CRUSHED 12/02/12 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

FRESH LOOK AT YOUR BLESSINGS 11/25/12 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

QUAKING HEARTS 11/11/12 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

BE STILL AND REST 11/04/12 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

FOLLOW GOOD EXAMPLES 10/28/12 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

REGAINING BALANCE 10/21/12 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

ENEMIES OR FRIENDS 10/14/12 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

WHY ARE WE DOING THIS 09/30/12 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

NO NEED OF MAGIC EYES 09/23/12 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

RECALL NOTICE 09/16/12 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

NOT MY KIND 09/09/12 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

GREAT IS HIS REWARDS 09/02/12 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

SHARING SPACE 08/26/12 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

PERSPECTIVES OF CHANGES 08/19/12 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

FRAGILE LOADS 07/29/12 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

MEASURING SPIRITUAL QUALITY 07/15/12 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

HELP NEEDED 07/01/12 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

SAY SORRY 06/24/12 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

LOVE THE RIGHT WAY 06/17/12 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

FOLLOW THE LEADER 06/10/12 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

CRISIS MANAGEMENT 06/03/12 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

I'M GOOD! 05/27/12 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

THE PROCESS OF MATURITY 05/20/12 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

THE MEASURES OF UNITY 05/13/12 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

WHEN FEAR INTRUDES LIFE 04/29/12 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

APPRECIATION OR CRITICISM 04/22/12 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

MAKE YOUR WISHES COME TRUE 04/15/12 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

THE SEVEN LAST WORDS OF CHRIST 04/08/12 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

LIVING ON MORE OR LESS 04/01/12 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

THE FACETS OF GOOD LIFE 03/25/12 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

HOW TO TACKLE DIFFERENCES 03/18/12 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

FROM DEADEND TO DOORWAY 03/04/12 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

EAT FAST, PAY LESS, AND A HEARTBURN 02/26/12 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

CREATE IN ME A CLEAN HEART 02/19/12 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

FACING THE UNKNOWN OF LIFE 02/12/12 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

LET'S TALK ABOUT STEREOTYPE 02/05/12 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

COME FOR FREE PIZZA 01/22/12 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

A PERFECT FIT CHURCH 01/15/12 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

THE BIBLE, WHAT FOR 01/08/12 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

IN REMEMBRANCE OF JESUS 01/01/12 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

THE CROWN JEWEL OF CHRISTIAN FAITH 12/25/11 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

LET'S TALK ABOUT AMBITION 12/18/11 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

MAKE PEACE, NOT WAR 12/11/11 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

FORMING GODLY ATTITUDE 12/04/11 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

THERE'S A BETTER WAY 11/27/11 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

DIFFERENT OCCASION, SAME MEANING 11/20/11 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

BUILDING CHURCHES THAT LAST 11/13/11 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

WATCH YOUR MOUTH 11/06/11 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

GOD'S GRACE FOR THE SAINTS 10/30/11 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

POWER OF THE CROSS 10/16/11 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

PUBLIC OPINION 10/09/11 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

YOU DO SOMETHING 10/02/11 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

ONE THING AT A TIME 09/25/11 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

BROKEN RELATIONSHIPS 09/18/11 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

I LOVE YOU, LORD 09/11/11 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

WHAT'S WRONG 09/04/11 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

RECALCULATING 08/28/11 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

GROW UP RIGHT 08/21/11 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

MAKE A GREAT COMEBACK 08/14/11 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

SURE, YOU CAN DO THAT 07/24/11 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

ABUNDANT LIFE (9) UNITY 07/17/11 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

SEE WHAT LOVE CAN DO 07/10/11 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

ABUNDANT LIFE (7) CITIZENSHIP 07/03/11 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

ABUMDANT LIFE (8) LOVE AND THE LAW 06/26/11 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

NO ONE IS UNIMPORTANT 06/19/11 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

DIVINE ASSIGNMENT FOR PARENTS 06/12/11 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

SEARCHING FOR LOVE 06/05/11 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

BE PROUD OF YOUR IDENTITY 05/29/11 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

ABUNDANT LIFE(6) DOS AND DON'TS 05/22/11 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

ABUNDANT LIFE (5) KEEP GROWING 05/01/11 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

WHAT HAS JESUS DONE 04/24/11 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

ABUNDANT LIFE (4) PERSONAL DISCIPLINE 04/17/11 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

ABUNDANT LIFE (3) SPIRITUAL GIFTS 04/10/11 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

LET'S TALK ABOUT STOCKPILING 04/03/11 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

ABUNDENT LIFE (2) SERVICE 03/27/11 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

ABUNDANT LIFE (1) GIVE BACK 03/20/11 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

FROM INSPIRATION TO PERSPIRATION 03/13/11 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

SUPPORTING HIS HANDS 03/06/11 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

LET'S TALK ABOUT IDOLS 02/27/11 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

DRIVING IN THE NIGHT 02/20/11 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

IT'S NOT ALL ABOUT WORK 02/13/11 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

NO NEED OF BIG WORDS 02/06/11 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

DON'T GET TOO CLOSE 01/30/11 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

WHEN YOU ARE IN TROUBLE 01/23/11 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

BE THE LIGHT 01/16/11 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

DECLARATION OF DEPENDENCE 01/09/11 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

THE BEST NAVIGATION SYSTEM 01/02/11 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

DO YOU REALLY KNOW JESUS 12/19/10 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN 12/12/10 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

KEEPING BUSY 12/5/10 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

SATAN MADE ME DO IT 11/28/10 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

DON'T FORGET GOD 11/21/10 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

ROADSIDE DISTRACTIONS 11/14/10 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

BLESSED ARE THOSE WHO GIVE 11/07/10 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

GOD WILL NEVER FORGET 10/31/10 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

GETTING TO KNOW GOD 10/24/10 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

BEWARE OF FALSE PROPHETS 10/17/10 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

TIME TO GROW UP 10/10/10 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

RULERS OR SERVANTS 10/03/10 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

IT'S ALL ABOUT CHANGES 09/26/10 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

IN GOOD TIME AND BAD TIME 09/19/10 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

HUMBLE, YET FAITHFUL 09/12/10 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

PASSING FAITH TO OUR CHILDREN 09/05/10 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

THE HAVE AND THE HAVE NOT 08/29/10 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

THOU SHALL NOT COVET 08/22/10 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

HOW WAS I TO KNOW 08/15/10 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

WHO IS IN THE DRIVER'S SEAT 08/08/10 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

JUST KEEP RUNNING 07/25/10 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

HITTING THE RIGHT TARGET 07/18/10 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

A MISREAD COMPASS 07/04/10 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

SLOW CAN BE GOOD TOO 06/27/10 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

BROWN EYES OR BLUE EYES 06/20/10 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

HITTING A HOME RUN 06/13/10 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

LIFE WITHOUT REGRETS 06/06/10 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

STOP THAT POLLUTION 05/30/10 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

UNSUNG HEROES 05/23/10 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

THE REGISTER ROCK 05/16/10 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

ON SHOULDERS OF GIANTS 05/09/10 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

TO RID OR TO KEEP 05/02/10 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

CHALLENGES LIKE MOUNTAINS 04/25/10 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

RUNNERS AND STANDERS 04/11/10 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

THE DEATH AND LIFE OF CHRIST 04/04/10 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English+Chinese)

IT'S ALL ABOUT CHANGES 03/28/10 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

WALK WITH GOD 03/21/10 (English) (Chinese) ; (mp3 audio) (English) (Chinese)

THE RISE AND FALL OF A GIANT 03/14/10 (English) (Chinese)
THE RISE AND FALL OF A GIANT (mp3 audio) 03/14/10 (English) (Chinese)

WHO GETS GREATER CREDIT 02/28/10 (English) (Chinese)
WHO GETS GREATER CREDIT (mp3 audio) 02/28/10 (Chinese)

I CAN TAKE IT FROM HERE 02/21/10 (English) (Chinese)
I CAN TAKE IT FROM HERE (mp3 audio) 02/21/10 (English) (Chinese)

FIRST THINGS FIRST 02/14/10 (English) (Chinese)
FIRST THING FIRST (mp3 audio) 02/14/10 (English) (Chinese)

WHAT'S NEXT 02/07/10 (English) (Chinese)
WHAT'S NEXT (mp3 audio) 02/07/10 (English+Chnese)

THE HIGHS AND LOWS OF LIFE 01/31/10 (English) (Chinese)
THE HIGHS AND LOWS OF LIFE (mp3 audio) 01/31/10 (English+Chnese)

I KNOW HE CAN 01/24/10 (English) (Chinese)
I KNOW HE CAN (mp3 audio) 01/24/10 (English) (Chinese)

CONFLICT RESOLUTION 01/17/10 (English) (Chinese)
CONFLICT RESOLUTION (mp3 audio) 01/17/10 (English) (Chinese)

A DONUT OR A HOLE 01/10/10 (English) (Chinese)
A DONUT OR A HOLE (mp3 audio) 01/10/10 (English) (Chinese)

MISSION FOR A NEW YEAR 1/03/10 (English) (Chinese)
MISSION FOR A NEW YEAR (mp3 audio) 1/03/10 (English+Chnese)

CLEARING THE CLUTTER 12/27/09 (English) (Chinese)
CLEARING THE CLUTTERS (mp3 audio) 12/27/09 (English+Chnese)

WHAT IS CHRISTMAS ABOUT 12/20/09 (English) (Chinese)
WHAT IS CHRISTMAS ABOUT (mp3 audio) 12/20/09 (English+Chinese)

TRY TO RELAX 12/13/09 (English) (Chinese)
TRY TO RELAX (mp3 audio) 12/13/09 (English)

SEEDS AND FRUITS 12/06/09 (English) (Chinese)
SEEDS AND FRUITS (mp3 audio) 12/06/09 (English)

TELL YOUR STORY 11/29/09 (English) (Chinese)
TELL YOUR STORY (mp3 audio) 11/29/09 (English) (Chinese)

GIVE THANKS TO GOD IN MUSIC 11/22/09 (English) (Chinese)
GIVE THANKS TO GOD IN MUSIC (mp3 audio) 11/22/09 (English+Chnese)

INSEPARABLE FROM GOD'S LOVE -- A Memorial Message for Rachel CAO 11/21/09 (English)

WHAT TO SAY AND HOW TO SAY IT 11/15/09 (English) (Chinese)
WHAT TO SAY AND HOW TO SAY IT (mp3 audio) 11/15/09 (English) (Chinese)

STRUGGLING IN PRAYERS 11/08/09 (English) (Chinese)
STRUGGLING IN PRAYERS (mp3 audio) 11/08/09 (English) (Chinese)

THE HEART OF THE GOSPEL 11/01/09 (English) (Chinese)
THE HEART OF THE GOSPEL (mp3 audio) 11/01/09 (English+Chnese)

THE ART OF CONTENTMENT 10/25/09 (English) (Chinese)
THE ART OF CONTENTMENT (mp3 audio) 10/25/09 (English) (Chinese)

MEETING GOD'S REQUIREMENTS 10/18/09 (English) (Chinese)
MEETING GOD'S REQUIREMENTS (mp3 audio) 10/18/09 (English) (Chinese)

I AM RIGHT, YOU MUST BE WRONG 10/11/09 (English) (Chinese)
I AM RIGHT, YOU MUST BE WRONG (mp3 audio) 10/11/09 (English) (Chinese)

FAITH OF A CHILD 10/04/09 (English) (Chinese)
FAITH OF A CHILD (mp3 audio) 10/04/09 (English+Chnese)

LOVE IS FOR LOSERS 9/27/09 (English) (Chinese)
LOVE IS FOR LOSERS (mp3 audio) 9/27/09 (English) (Chinese)

Speakers: W. Tsiu (English) and J. Yang (Chinese) (mp3 audio) 9/20/09 (English) (Chinese)

LET'S MAKE IT LOOK NICE 9/13/09 (English) (Chinese)
LET'S MAKE IT LOOK NICE (mp3 audio) 9/13/09 (English+Chinese)

LIFE WITH BOUNDARY LINES 9/06/09 (English) (Chinese)
LIFE WITH BOUNDARY LINES (mp3 audio) 9/06/09 (English) (Chinese)

SHARE STORIES OF A FRIEND 8/30/09 (English) (Chinese)
SHARE STORIES OF A FRIEND (mp3 audio) 8/30/09 (English) (Chinese)

TIME TO REVEAL 8/23/09 (English) (Chinese)
TIME TO REVEAL (mp3 audio) 8/23/09 (English) (Chinese)

BAD THING, GOOD RESULT 8/16/09 (English) (Chinese)
BAD THING, GOOD RESULT (mp3 audio) 8/16/09 (English) (Chinese)

NOTHING LEFT BUT GOD 8/2/09 (English) (Chinese)
NOTHING LEFT BUT GOD (mp3 audio) 8/2/09 (English) (Chinese)

ADOPTED BY GOD 7/26/09 (English) (Chinese)
ADOPTED BY GOD (mp3 audio) 7/26/09 (English) (Chinese)

A DOUBLE-MINDED MAN 7/19/09 (English) (Chinese)
A DOUBLE-MINDED MAN (mp3 audio) 7/19/09 (English) (Chinese)

WHAT DOES THE LORD REQUIRE 7/5/09 (English) (Chinese)
WHAT DOES THE LORD REQUIRE (mp3 audio) 7/5/09 (English+Chinese)

JUST AN ORDINARY DAY 6/21/09 (English) (Chinese)
JUST AN ORDINARY DAY (mp3 audio) 6/21/09 (English) (Chinese)

BOAST FOR NOTHING 6/14/09 (English) (Chinese)
BOAST FOR NOTHING (mp3 audio) 6/14/09 (English) (Chinese)

PARENTS DAY 6/7/09 (English) (Chinese)
PARENTS DAY (mp3 audio) 6/7/09 (English+Chinese)

NO-GOSSIP ZONE 5/31/09 (English) (Chinese)
NO-GOSSIP ZONE (mp3 audio) 5/31/09 (English) (Chinese)

I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS 5/17/09 (English) (Chinese)
I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS (mp3 audio) 5/17/09 (English) (Chinese)

WEATHER THROUGH THE FINANCIAL STORM (mp3 audio) 5/10/09 (English) (Chinese)

FOLLOW THE SIGNS 4/19/09 (English) (Chinese)

UNIQUE SYMBOLS OF CHRIST 4/12/09 (English) (Chinese)

NOT THE LEFTOVERS 4/5/09 (English) (Chinese)

IN SEARCH OF PEACE 3/29/09 (English) (Chinese)

BIG AND SMALL 3/22/09 (English) (Chinese)

LESSONS FROM HISTORY 3/15/09 (English) (Chinese)

NEVER DISAPPOINTED 3/8/09 (English) (Chinese)

LEARN TO SAY NO 3/1/09 (English) (Chinese)

THE OLD AND THE NEW 2/22/09 (English) (Chinese)

HE KNOWS MY NAME 2/15/09 (English) (Chinese)

A COMMITMENT TO WALK 2/8/09 (English) (Chinese)

TURN ON THE LIGHT 2/1/09 (English) (Chinese)

SPECIAL SEATS 1/25/09 (English) (Chinese)

WHACKING AND GROWING 1/18/09 (English) (Chinese)

NO GREATER LOVE 1/11/09 (English) (Chinese)

A HILL TOO HIGH 1/4/09 (English) (Chinese)

TIME FOR REAL CHECKUP 12/28 (English) (Chinese)

DO YOU LOVE ME 12/14 (English) (Chinese)

SEVENTY SEVEN TIMES 12/7 (English) (Chinese)

Message By Jacob 11/30/08 (English)

TURKEY DAY OR THANKSGIVING 11/23 (English) (Chinese)

NOT GOOD ENOUGH 11/16 (English) (Chinese)

BLESSINGS OF HAVE LESS 11/9 (English) (Chinese)

COMFORT FOOD 11/2 (English) (Chinese)

ASK ME NOW 10/26 (English) (Chinese)

A GREATER CHAMPION 10/19 (English) (Chinese)

ROOTS OR SHOOTS 10/5 (English) (Chinese)

WISDOM OF LIVING (62) DO RIGHT 9/28 (English) (Chinese)

CHANNELS OF BLESSING 9/21 (English) (Chinese)

CHOOSING HELPERS 9/14 (English) (Chinese)

POWER UNDER CONTROL 9/07 (English) (Chinese)

THE EVERLASTING BOOK 8/31 (English) (Chinese)

Listen to Jacob's message on 8/24 (mp3) (English)

PILLARS AND BUTTRESSES 8/17 (English) (Chinese)

HARDENED_HEARTS 8/10 (English) (Chinese)

BLESSED_ARE_THE_WEAK 7/27 (English) (Chinese)

NO STRINGS ATTACHED 7/13 (English) (Chinese)

RISK AND FEAR 7/6 (English) (Chinese)

CELEBRATING A MILESTONE 6/29 (English) (Chinese)

SEIZE_THE_DAY 6/22 (English) (Chinese)

UNWANTED GIFTS 6/15 (English) (Chinese)

TAXES AND TITHES 6/8 (English) (Chinese)

HOW'S MY DRIVING 6/1 (English) (Chinese)

A GLIMPSE ON MISSION 5/25 (English) (Chinese)

TO-DO AND TO-BE 4/27 (English) (Chinese)


GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME 4/13 (English) (Chinese)

WISDOM OF LIVING (61) MENTORS (English) (Chinese)

WISDOM OF LIVING (60) CORRECTION (English) (Chinese)


WISDOM OF LIVING (59) DEPRESSION (English) (Chinese)

WISDOM OF LIVING (58) WISDOM (English) (Chinese)

DOORS OF OPPORTUNITY (English) (Chinese)

WISDOM OF LIVING (57) BE HAPPY (English) (Chinese)

WISDOM OF LIVING (56) APOLOGY (English) (Chinese)

ARE YOU GOING NOWHERE (English) (Chinese)

WISDOM OF LIVING (55) GIVING (English) (Chinese)

FROM THE OLD TO THE NEW (English) (Chinese)

RIVETS OF THE TITANIC (English) (Chinese)


WISDOM OF LIVING (54) LEARNING (English) (Chinese)

CHRISTMAS GIFT OF GOD (English) (Chinese)

HOW TO HEAR GOD'S VOICE (English) (Chinese)

DECOMPRESSION (English) (Chinese)

THERE IS A BETTTER WAY (English) (Chinese)


TO HELP AND BE HELPED (English) (Chinese)

THE TIPPING POINT (English) (Chinese)
Listen to Sermon (mp3) (Bilingual)

THE TIPPING POINT (English) (Chinese)

THE MEASURES OF A CHURCH (English) (Chinese)

A LEARNED TONGUE (English) (Chinese)

TO REMEMBER OR TO FORGET (English) (Chinese)


THE AWESOME GOD (English) (Chinese)

LIMITED BUT USEFUL (English) (Chinese)

WHAT'S IN YOUR HAND (English) (Chinese)

WISDOM OF LIVING (53) GENEROSITY (English) (Chinese)

WISDOM OF LIVING (52) JUDGMENT (English) (Chinese)

YOU ARE THE TEAM (English) (Chinese)

SINS OF THE HEART (English) (Chinese)

FOX TROUBLES (English) (Chinese)

A REAL FAMILY (English) (Chinese)

Reaching The Minimum by Brother Jacob McAnally
Listen to Sermon (mp3) (English)

WISDOM OF LIVING (51) HIGHER CALL (English) (Chinese)

THE GOD WHO HEARS AND SEES (English) (Chinese)

May 6 2007 Mission Conference
Listen to Sermon (mp3) (Bilingual)

ROADMAP TO SUCCESS (English) (Chinese)

SPRAY-ON MUD (English) (Chinese)

PASSION FOR CHRIST (English) (Chinese)

DEAD BUT ALIVE (English) (Chinese)

HOW SHOULD WE PRAY (English) (Chinese)

THE POWER OF INFLUENCE (English) (Chinese)

RUNNING AWAY FROM GOD (English) (Chinese)

GOD IS GREAT (English) (Chinese)

ARE YOU WITH HIM (English) (Chinese)

WISDOM OF LIVING (50) WAITING (English) (Chinese)

FAIR OR NOT FAIR (English) (Chinese)

MAKING RIGHT CHOICES (English) (Chinese)

WISDOM OF LIVING (49) BE KIND (English) (Chinese)

WISDOM OF LIVING (48) WALLS (English) (Chinese)

THE IMMOVABLE (English) (Chinese)

INSTANT ACCESS (English) (Chinese)

WHAT TO DO AT CHRISTMAS (English) (Chinese)

GOD PUT YOU IN MY PATH (English) (Chinese)

YOU'LL KNOW BETTER (English) (Chinese)

DO WHAT YOU CAN (English) (Chinese)

IT'S ALL ABOUT GRATITUDE (English) (Chinese)


CAN YOU MEASURE ME (English) (Chinese)

REGULAR CHECKUPS (English) (Chinese)


KEEP WALKING (English) (Chinese)

REFUGEES WANTED (English) (Chinese)

TENSILE STRENGTH (English) (Chinese)


THERE IS THE OTHER SIDE (English) (Chinese)

IT'S TIME TO FORGIVE (English) (Chinese)

BRAINS ARE NOT ENOUGH (English) (Chinese)

FACES OF EXPECTATION (English) (Chinese)

THEY JUST WON'T LISTEN (English) (Chinese)

GAINS AND LOSSES (English) (Chinese)


PEOPLE PROBLEMS (English) (Chinese)

WISDOM OF LIVING (47) LEGACY (English) (Chinese)

IN CONFERENCE (English) (Chinese)

STAY LOW (English) (Chinese)

WHO IS THE BOSS (English) (Chinese)


HOW DO WE HONOR PARENTS (English) (Chinese)


WISDOM OF LIVING (46) CROWNS (English) (Chinese)


EQUAL ACCESS (English) (Chinese)





THIS IS HOW A PEARL IS BORN (English) (Chinese)


ULTIMATE SECURITY (English) (Chinese)

SAY THANK YOU (English) (Chinese)

DARE YOU DO IT AGAIN (English) (Chinese)
WISDOM OF LIVING (44) FOCUS (English) (Chinese)

WHAT MAKES NEWS (English) (Chinese)

WISDOM OF LIVING (Part 43) USE OF WORDS (English) (Chinese)

FREEDOM OF CHOICE (English) (Chinese)

WISDOM OF LIVING (Part 42) LOVE (English) (Chinese)

WISDOM OF LIVING (Part 41) EMPTY SPACE (English) (Chinese)

WISDOM OF LIVING (Part 40) TOMORROW (English) (Chinese)


CHRISTMAS IS ABOUT (English) (Chinese)

WISDOM OF LIVING (Part 39) DISCOVERY (English) (Chinese)

WHAT ARE ALL THE SHIPS (English) (Chinese)

BECAUSE YOU ARE YOUNG (English) (Chinese)

THANKS FOR GIVING (English) (Chinese)

NOTHING IS EVER SURE (English) (Chinese)

IN THE SAME WAY I SEND YOU (English) (Chinese)

IT'S ALL ABOUT ATTITUDE (English) (Chinese)

WISDOM OF LIVING (Part 38) BLACK DOTS (English) (Chinese)

WISDOM OF LIVING (Part 37) TOO BUSY (English) (Chinese)

WISDOM OF LIVING (Part 36) CISTERNS (English) (Chinese)

GOT RICE (English) (Chinese)

WISDOM OF LIVING (Part 35) FEAR (English) (Chinese)



A LEGO CHURCH (English) (Chinese)

WISDOM OF LIVING (Part 34) BENEFITS (English) (Chinese)

WISDOM OF LIVING (Part 33) WHOSE WAY (English) (Chinese)

WISDOM OF LIVING (Part 32) BE CLEAN (English) (Chinese)

WISDOM OF LIVING (Part 31) BAGGAGE (English) (Chinese)

WISDOM OF LIVING (Part 30) SECURITY (English) (Chinese)


WISDOM OF LIVING (Part 29) EXPECTATIONS (English) (Chinese)

WISDOM OF LIVING (Part 28) RIGHTS (English) (Chinese)

WHEN THE ANSWER IS NO (English) (Chinese)


THE WORKING OF A MIRACLE (English) (Chinese)


WISDOM OF LIVING (Part 27) GOOD NAME (English) (Chinese)

WISDOM OF LIVING (Part 26) INDEBTED (English) (Chinese)

WISDOM OF LIVING (Part 25) WHY WORSHIP (English) (Chinese)

WISDOM OF LIVING (Part 24) DEEP WATER (English) (Chinese)

WISDOM OF LIVING (Part 23) THE QUEST OF LOVE (English) (Chinese)

WISDOM OF LIVING (Part 22) BORING (English) (Chinese)

WISDOM OF LIVING (Part 21) PERSISTENCE (English) (Chinese)

THE EMPTY TOMB (English) (Chinese)

IN THE SAME WAY I SEND YOU (English) (Chinese)

WISDOM OF LIVING (Part 20) GOOD INTENTION (English) (Chinese)

WISDOM OF LIVING (Part 19) OPPORTUNITY (English) (Chinese)

WISDOM OF LIVING (Part 18) BE KIND (English) (Chinese)

WISDOM OF LIVING (Part 17) GIVE (English) (Chinese)

WISDOM OF LIVING (Part 16) GREED (English) (Chinese)

WISDOM OF LIVING (Part 15) WORRY (English) (Chinese)

WISDOM OF LIVING (Part 14) ESCAPE (English) (Chinese)

SANCTITY OF HUMAN LIFE (English) (Chinese)

WISDOM OF LIVING (Part 13) COMPATIBLE (English) (Chinese)


MAKE A WISH PART 2 (English) (Chinese)

MAKE A WISH PART 1 (English) (Chinese)

CHRISTMAS SPECIAL (English) (Chinese)

WISDOM OF LIVING (Part 12) FORGIVE (English) (Chinese)

WISDOM OF LIVING (Part 11) PROPER WORDS (English) (Chinese)

WISDOM OF LIVING (Part 10) SOFT WORDS (English) (Chinese)

WISDOM OF LIVING (Part 9) A CHEERFUL HEART (English) (Chinese)




WISDOM OF LIVING (Part 7) (English) (Chinese)

WISDOM OF LIVING (Part 6) (English) (Chinese)

WISDOM OF LIVING (Part 5) (English) (Chinese)

WISDOM OF LIVING (Part 4) (English) (Chinese)

WISDOM OF LIVING (Part 3) (English) (Chinese)

WISDOM OF LIVING (Part 2) (English) (Chinese)

WISDOM OF LIVING (Part 1) (English) (Chinese)

WE ARE FAMILY (English) (Chinese)

THE EYE WITNESSES (English) (Chinese)

FROM DISCIPE TO SATAN (English) (Chinese)









Beware Of Deadly Viruses





The Witnesses Of The Resurrection

The Lamb Of God

To Hear And To Listen

Clean Is Good

Try God


What's Your Problem

What You Really Need

Be All You Can Be

Roadmap To Blessings (Part 2)

Roadmap To Blessings


Believe Or Not

New Year Warranty


His Name Is Jesus

Aim Higher

Attitude And Value

Is Life Meaningless

Count Your Blessings

Need Love

Good Seed And Bad Seed

How Is Your Heart

Prayer is Like Mail


Seek And Find

Hard Times Are Blessed Times

The Best Rest Area

Saved By Faith

Why The Bible

Quench Your Inner Thirsts

Back to Bethel, Turning Point Of a Life

Old Boys and New Kids

Handling Mistreatments

Do Well

Making The Right Choice

Stand Firm

To Lose Is Gain

Blessed Are The Persecuted