“UNITY”                                                                By Pastor YAU

Ecclesiastes 4:9-12                                                    June 20, 2004


INTRODUCTION:  I believe that all, at least most, people agree with me that unity is very important in life: be it at home, at work, in a society or a nation, in business or military, etc. Just as the beginning of the scripture quotation says, ”Two is BETTER than one.” But in real life, UNITY is hard to find, difficult to achieve. Many failures and sufferings are the results of disunity. King Solomon says it well in these Bible verses the benefits of unity.



1)     It multiplies the results of labor. There are many things that can only be done by more than just oneself. The wisdom, strength and coordination of a team, even as small as two, are always better than just by one man. (4:9)

2)     It provides support and strength in time of failure and setbacks. No one is invincible of failures. We all need someone to be there when we are exhausted of plans and hopes. (4:10)

3)     It increases warmth, courage, emotional support and mutual reliance in the path of life. Loneliness is a vicious enemy to success. (4:11)

4)     It protects and defends each other against many foes, failures and harm. Watching for one another may detour many attacks. (4:12a)

5)     It endures hardships, lasts longer and promotes results. (4:12b)



1)     Selfishness and self-seeking. (Phil. 2:4) People who are self-centered can never be united with anyone else to achieve a common goal. Few are willing to work or sacrifice for those selfish people.

2)     Pride is the next killer that will certainly kill unity. (Prov. 13:10) People who are so proud of themselves, who look down on others, will never get support from others.

3)     Unforgiving is the next killer of unity. (Mark 11:25-26) No one can or are able to be close to someone who always holds grudges or anger against others. We are all human, and are doomed to step on some toes. Forgiveness is a must if you want others to help you.

4)     Narrow minded people always focus on the gulf of difference rather than the common ground which all may build trust and cooperation. (I Corinthians 12:24-25) People are born very different, even twins. We can never be able to be united if we always focus on the differences.

5)     Isolationists: Loners will not have people to be united with. The life of a loner is small and limited. People like this will feel lonely even amount 1,000s of others around them.  They don’t feel, or don’t have the skill, to get along with people, much less to promote unity for common good.



       Paul understood the defects of human nature, especially in regard to unity. That’s why he encouraged his readers to ask for the help of the Holy Spirit for the keeping of unity. Spiritual growth  and maturity will surely help to promote unity each step of life.



       The last prayer of Jesus before He was crucified was a prayer for unity amount His disciples and all those who later will believe in Him thru their messages. The gospel message and its future all depended on the unity of the disciples. It was that important then, and is that important now.



      The worst damage the church of Jesus may suffer is internal fighting and disunity. Satan will laugh when it sees the church of Jesus becomes disharmony or even disintegrated. Jesus stressed the result of harmony  that the world will believe that God has sent His Son for the salvation of man.