Isaiah 55:1-9     

August 24, 2003

By Pastor YAU



       A hummingbird near Bingham Canyon, Utah, was seen pressing its bill against the biggest red “flower” in town. No one knows for sure how long it might take for the bird to realize that you can’t get any nectar out of a traffic light.  This kind of foolishness is not just for birds.  Mankind had been working so hard to find satisfaction of his inner thirsts in wrong places for centuries.  God called His people, the Israelites in the Bible time, and the people of today, to find true and lasting satisfaction in Him from the passage we quote today.



       The Bible clearly indicates that man was created in the image of God. One of the characteristics of that image is the soul which needs to be fed.  Just as the body needs food and clothing, the soul needs spiritual nutrition.  As long as men stay away from the source of spiritual provision, his inner being will remain empty.

       Man, being a finite being, can never meet the needs of his inner thirsts with things he may achieve. That’s why we see people with high level of achievements, be it money, power, fame, an every thing else this world may be able to provide, still feel empty and meaningless on the inside. Many of these people live in misery while some of them took their own lives just to ease their pain.



       Yes, God knows our needs on the inside and He also cares.  The scripture quote today clearly shows us we have a God who knows and cares about our inner needs. He calls His people to come to Him for a supply that will quench their inner thirsts without costs to them.  He urges us not to look for things that will never serve the purpose of quenching those needs.  In Amos 8:11, the Lord declared that people were not thirsty and hungry because of famine of bread or water but because of a famine of the Word of God.



       While there are countless signs or symptoms of human inner thirsts, we pick the following to demonstrate soul hunger.

1)     Men are in search of SELF WORTH all their lives. While objects may be different, purpose is the same: I need to feel I am important, I have worth.   This is for his satisfaction and his reason for living.

2)     Men are also in constant search of RECOGNITION.  Different people needs different things for him to earn that recognition, but we all have that inner thirst to be recognized.

3)     Men also search for SECURITY. Security is a big subject in today’s world on national level all the way to personal level. Some pile up material processions while others claim power and status. But all are for security purpose.

4)     MEANING and FULFILLMENT, or lack of them, are also signs of spiritual thirsts. The Bible says: “Man does not live on bread alone.” (Matt. 4:4) Life without meaning is not living, it is only existence.



1)   COME to God is the beginning of the right steps.  Four times in verse 1, God calls his people to COME to Him for true satisfaction. Often times, we look for people or places, except God, to meet our inner needs, yet all the while only God is the right ONE we need to come to.

2)   God calls us to give Him our ears, to listen to Him and to obey Him.  Many people listen to many voices but God to find satisfaction.  We need to hear what God has to tell us.

3)   In v. 6, God calls us to SEEK Him, to ask and consult Him where and how to meet our inner thirsts. God is the right person we need to seek for guidance and advice.



       In vv. 8-9, God tells us His way is higher than our way, and His thoughts are higher than our thoughts.  God uses the distance between the heavens and the earth to measure the distance between His ways and thoughts to ours. There is NO comparison. We can just trust Him and His ways. He will never lead us to a wrong pace.



       To have unmet inner thirsts is just being human. We all have. The matter is not if we have those needs, the matter is where and how we may have our inner needs met. How may we satisfy those inner thirsts that stop us from living a full and meaning life?  The answer is: Come and ask God. He is always there to meet our needs.