Luke 10:38-42


Introduction:When citizens of the East Germany joined the West Germany to form the Germany Democratic Federation 20 some years ago, one of the difficulties they faced was making choices.They either didnít know what choices to make or made the wrong ones.Many of us live in the FREE country still have problems in making the right choices, or the BEST choices.In the scripture reference today, Jesus commented the Mary has made the right choice, the BEST choice in biblical language.


1)      Choosing the INNER QUALITY than the outward activities. (Matt. 23:23-24)

In this passage, Jesus was talking to the Pharisees, confronting them of focusing on the outward activities, fulfilling the requirements of the law, at the expense of GROWING THE INNER QUALITIES.

††††† Doing duties is not bad, but being TRUE followers of the Lord, Christians need to pursuit the growth of their SPIRITUAL QUALITIES on the inside because that is where LIFE is about.Being ACTIVE in religious works is no substitute to growing FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT.


2)      DOING is more important than KNOWING the Bible. (James 1:22-25)

As Baptists, we are people of the BOOK.We encourage all believers to READ the book, STUDY the book, MEMORIZE the book, etc.And many are working hard on that. But the Apostle James required his readers NOT just to KNOW the bible, but to DO the bible.Knowledge without practice is a dangerous thing.It may give people the false sense of salvation, the false sense of superiority and the lack of spiritual growth. Choosing to DO the bible is better than just to KNOW the bible. DO one thing at a time what the Bible says before you KNOW the next thing is a better choice.


3)      Make decisions directed by the WORD of God than your EMOTION. (Ps. 119:89)

Emotion is a great gift of GOD.Just imagine if people around you do not have emotions.But emotions are not dependable: they wonít last long, they change fast and they, in many cases, can lead you do dumb things if you make decisions while you are emotional.

The Bible tells us that the WORD of GOD are firm, stands like mountains, and are fixed in heaven and can never change. It is a better choice to refer to the BIBLE and its teachings when we need to make decisions, especially major ones rather than on EMOTIONS which can lead us to regret.


4)      Choose long term COMMITMENT than short term INTEREST. (II Tim. 4:7-8)

†††††††††† After over 30 years of faithful service to his LORD, the Apostle Paul claimed†††††† that he has kept his faith, run his race and fought his battles.With all the challenges, setbacks, persecutions and suffering, he KEPT going. (Phil. 3:13-15)NEVER QUIT is his attitude and guide.Commitment is a CHOICE just as quitting is.


Concl: Making the RIGHT or BEST choice is up to you. You have one chance to make.