“NEED LOVE?”                                                     By Pastor Yau

John 3:16-18



       About a year ago, tens of millions of computers were infected by a virus named “LOVE BUG”.  An email titled “I LOVE YOU” carried the virus was sent to computers around the world.  Millions of computer users, including some of the most sophisticated anti-virus program designers, had downloaded and opened the email hoping to find out who was the one that sent them “LOVE”. A study after the event reviewed the reason why people opened that email.  It is an universal need of love that drove people to do so.  Many people, because of looking for love in a wrong place, from a wrong person, they suffered target consequences. 

       The Scripture quotation today points to a permanent and everlasting place and person from whom we can look for love and will never be ashamed of nor hurt, and that person is God the all loving Father of mankind.



       The Greek word that translated “world” means people in plural number. That means God loves ALL the people in the world regardless of socio-economic status, money, position, education, age, color, race or any other classifications man distinguish one from another. God never sees people this way. His love is available to all people from all social classes. No one is outside of the far-reaching love of God.

       In John 13:1, Jesus was quoted as saying, “Having loved his own which were in the world, he loved unto the end.”  God’s love is more than just broad to cover all people his love is also deep that will never fade, decreased or disappear.  He will love ALL of us to the end of the world. (Matthew 28:20)



       Many human love affairs are born because people want something from the other person: beauty, money, status, care, intelligence, security, or anything else that may make his/her life more complete. But God doesn’t love us for anything we may give to make Him more complete.  None of us can give God anything to make God more complete.  God doesn’t want to take anything from us. He wants to give us the most precious gift He can give: His only Son Jesus Christ.

       People usually will give gifts to show their love to other people: flowers, toys, house whole items, jewelries, etc. to demonstrate their love to the other person.  No one in human history will give his/her only son to show their love to others.  “God demonstrated His love to us in this way: while we were all sinners, Christ died for us.”  No one will sacrifice his/her own son to show others how much he/she love them by sacrificing his/her son except God.



       The Greek that was word translated BELIEVE may be rendered TRUST.  We all know the importance of TRUST in any love relationship.  But trust is something missing in so many of them.  So many people were hurt badly because they place their trust in wrong people and/or wrong places.  But in the past 2,000 years of Christian history, no one Christian has ever complained that they were betrayed by God in their trust in Him.

       All that God has asked from those whom He loves is he/she trusts Him. Trust His love, His power, His good will and wisdom.  John 1:12 says, “To all those who have believed in Him, He gives them the right to become children of God.”  Trust also mean commitment. Commit yourself, your future, your well being and purpose of life to God and see how He is going to make you a channel of blessing to others.   He will change your life and make you a new person with great potential and usefulness.



       We all know that nothing in this world is forever.  All that we may have, accumulate, own or control will be gone the moment we die and end our journey on earth.  But our soul shall continue to live.  The Bible clearly tells us that only those who have placed their faith in Jesus Christ will have eternal life with God.  It is so important we make that choice while we still can.  Eternal separation from God means suffering forever in the most terrible place unimaginable of human mind.  The gift of eternal life can never be earned, bought or traded with anything this world has to offer.  It can only be given by God to those who accept Jesus, God’s Son, as Lord and Savior.



       Some years back, I had read some words of wisdom about love. It says: “It is good to love, but it is much better to be loved.”  I will add on this my version of advice: “It is good to be loved by man or woman, but it is much better to be loved by God.”  Accept God’s love and you will never suffer any loss in this life or the life to come.