SERMON OF THE WEEK: July 27, 2003

DO WELL TO DO GOOD: Ephesians 4:11-16

By Pastor Yau


Introduction:The slogan: ďDo Well to Do GoodĒ is a campaign launched by the Baptist Memorial Health Care System aiming to achieve a higher level of healthcare performance among the doctors, nurses, administrative staff and all other supporting personnel.The goal is to improve healthcare for patients, their families and the community in general. In fact the slogan is appropriate for all people in living their lives, especially Christians, for a higher level of commitment and fruitfulness.



†††† It is important for all of us to do GOOD, especially Christians, because God commanded so.God did not create anyone for the purpose of doing bad. God has a higher demand for His children, Christians, to do good in his life.

†††† In order to do GOOD, one must do WELL in anything he/she is doing.Doing a lousy job with bad attitude is not what God has intended for us, be it in our work, family life, at school or in His church.By doing well, we WELL be able to achieve GOOD results.



†††† Some people will do well but for the good of himself, but God commanded us to do well for HIS good.It is for HIS glory that we must do well to do good. (John 15:8) We must be productive, effective witnesses and bearing good name to HIM.

†††† While most Christians may be willing to do good to God, some are not that willing to do good to Godís church.These people will tell you how boring the church is, and how many bad people are there in it. They will tell you reason after reason why they will NOT do good for the church. But the Bible clearly tells us that the church is the bride of Christ, it is His creation for the redemption of man, and He will come back to take the church to be with Him. No one could really love God until he also loves Godís church.The church is as good as you and me.It is our job to make the church good.

†††† The Bible also teaches us to do good to our brothers/sisters---Godís people.In I John 4:20-21, 5:1-2, God commanded us to love each other.These verses say: ďyou cannot love God who is invisible until you love your brother who is visible.ĒDemonstrate your love to God by loving your brothers and sister in Godís church.



†††† According to the Scripture quotation today, Eph. 4:11-16, v. 12 tells us three steps to do well: 1) personal equipping, 2) working with others and 3) for the building up of the Body of Christ which is the church.

We all know the importance of equipping to do a good job, be it in military, in office work, or even in the kitchen. Equip yourself with the WORD of God and you will be strong to do well.

†††† Learn to work with others is another important element to do well.God always uses a team to accomplish His tasks.

†††† Doing well must be for Godís Kingdom, His church, to be biblical and to have lasting value.It is the plan of God to establish His church on earth so His people will get together to worship, to learn, to encourage one another, and to proclaim His Good News to all men. This is the grand purpose of doing well and doing good.


Conclusion:Looking at yourself:Are you doing good? For whom?Are you doing well to do good? How well are you in equipping?How well are you in working with others in Godís church? And What is the supreme goal of your doing all these?Le us never forget: DO WEEL TO DO GOOD.