ďWHY IS THE DEAD SEA DEAD?Ē†††††††††††††††††† By Pastor Yau

Luke 6:32-38



†††††† The Dead Sea is different from the Niagara Falls in many ways.One of the more significant reasons the Dead Sea is called DEAD Sea is because there is NO outlet in that pool of water.There is a way in but NO way out, and soon the water is DEAD.

†††††† The above Scripture quotation is part of the teaching of Jesus on GIVING OUT.People who are able to give as well as receive are like living waters, as the Niagara Falls and many other flowing waters: they are alive.Jesus taught the disciples and other listeners on the importance of giving.It is through giving people, especially people of God, are alive and well not just to themselves but also for others around them.



A)    Because God is a God of giving.God give to man all He had created.He gives all the needs man need to continue to live.He continues to give each and everyday for all of us His loving care and blessings.And above all, He gives us His only Son, Jesus, to die on the cross to save us from eternal separation fro Him.As people of God, we need to give.

B)     Because giving is a sign of maturity.Infants and children only know to receive. They learn to give and share as they grow.Among all the measures of maturity, the heart of giving is the best evidence.

C)    Because there are needs to be met.Even though we men are equal before God, not all are equal in this world: some have more than others. It is Godís teaching that those who have more will share with those who have less.This include material processions, abilities, opportunities and many others.

D)    Because giving is the most direct way to receive more blessings from God. (v. 38) This is not a selfish reason to give. It is a promise of God to those who are willing and generous in giving.



A)     Give to God is the first in our list of giving.God loves His people to give Him, not because He is in need but because it demonstrates our gratitude to His blessing us.There are many laws in the Old Testament that prescribe when, where and how much the people of God need to give.

B)     Give to Godís HouseóHis church.In Malachi 3, God rebukes His people of selfish living for themselves in luxurious houses while His temple remained ruined. Any group of believers who are faithful to provide for their church in material terms demonstrated the faithfulness and commitment they have towards God.

C)     Give to missions and missionaries: Jesus called on His people to go to the end of the world to spread the gospel so all may be saved.Tens of thousands of Godís people respond to His call to go to all the world for that purpose.These are the people who give up their personal dreams and desires to follow Godís command. Many others even gave their lives because of God.These people deserve our FULL support in prayers and resources.

D)     Give to people in need.In every society, there are people who are in desperate needs: material, emotional and spiritual.We are placed among them to give them support.Those in the house of the Lord are our brothers and sister, and deserve more of our give and care.



A)      Give your love is on top of the list.It is love from the heart that mobilizes our desire and willingness to give.Ask God to help you grow your love to Him and people so you will grow in giving.

B)       Give you time.Time is life. Manís life is measured by time: days, months and years. Anytime we give time to God or people, we give part of our lives and thatís the most precious gift we can give. To many people wonít give because they are not willing to give their time.

C)      Give your ability. We all received from God various abilities.It is Godís purpose to do that so we may be able to give others what we do the best.

D)      Give your money.This may be the hardest for some people. But it is this giving of money that best demonstrate your true spirit of giving. There is a good reason when Jesus said that where your treasure is there your heart will be also.You will grow your interest and love to God, His church and His people if you are willing to invest your money in them.



†††††† God never intends any of His people to be dead seas.He wants all of us to be like water falls, big or small.It is through giving we learn to trust God for our future. It is through giving we learn to know the nature of God. And it is through giving we live our lives not as people of consumption but contribution.