“WISDOM OF LIVING (30) SECURITY”                 By Pastor YAU

Text: Psalm 18:1-6                                                              July 24, 2005



     1) Security is important: Security is a big and important subject and business in this country and other countries around the world. Ranging from national security that affects the safety of nations to home security that affects homes and the families in them, security has been in the mind of those who hold the responsibility to protect a country or a family. Safety or security is one of the most basic needs of human beings. Nations spend billions and families invest hundreds of dollars to make sure that they feel they are safe.

     2) Security is personal. We want to live in communities that are safe. We like to leave our little ones in daycares that are safe. We want to buy a car that is safe. We want to put our savings in banks that are safe. We like to work for companies that have a good job-security history and the list goes on and on. Safety and security are important to our lives and that of our loved ones.

     3) Security is a mental condition: The feeling of safety or security is a mental condition. Even though we may have statistics to support our definition of safety, it is our feeling on that particular object that makes us feel safe or not. Different people have deferent levels of secure feeling. One may feel safe while another may feel not.



1)    We need security to survive:  Survival is the number one need for mankind under any circumstance. Survival leads all other needs such as love and dignity. That’s why food, shelter and clothing are important because they promote and protect survival. Everyone needs to have the basics to feel secured and safe.

2)    We need security for inner peace: Besides physical needs which are important to our survival, mental or emotional conditions are also important. We need to FEEL safe, not just to HAVE things for basic survival. No one may have inner peace without the sense of safe or secured. Life without inner peace is far from adequate.

3)    We need security to build our future: No one would put in his best efforts in his job if he feels his job is at risk. No spouse would do his/her part to maintain a sweet home if they feel their marriage is falling apart. Again, no soldier will fight a battle with all his courage if he feels they are losing the war. Security of today plays an important role in the security of tomorrow.

4)    We need security because we are human:  Part of being human is being finite and fragile. We depend on our surroundings such as people, things and environment for our existence and security. We understand that we are unable to provide or protect ourselves in all conditions. We need dependable or secured conditions to function properly.



1)     Security through material possessions: Many people believe that if I have more, I’ll feel more secured. This is the most common denominator most people hold in building their sense of security. This is true because of the need of survival. We need material things to survive: food, shelter and clothing. After basic needs are met, people will build more material possessions for future needs. The pursuit of acquiring and accumulating material possessions have become the root of all troubles man faces. Greed plays a big role in many crimes, pain and suffering even wars.

2)     Security through personal value:  People feel that if they have more value: stronger, smarter or better looking, higher educated or social status, they are more secured. Some may feel more secure just by driving a bigger car. That’s why people desire to increase their value by pursue higher education, learn more trade skills, make higher grades in school, climbing corporate leaders, making bigger salaries and many other ways so they feel more secured now and in the future.

3)     Security through association: This is called security by association. Most people understand the power or sense of security through grouping. We draw support from each other in groups, some good and some bad. Some even pursue association with people of high position or prestige to feel secured. Young people, many of them have little or no personal sense of value join gangs for the purpose of feeling powerful or secured.

4)     Security through power: Most people understand the relationship between power and security. Power of all kinds, political, socio-economic, military and others such as connection and position all play important role in making people feel secured. Power carries influence and influence builds power in return.


THE FRAILTY OF HUMAN SECURITY:  Human security is fragile:

1)   Because it is built on matters:  Security is an inner power or feeling. Material or physical condition only creates mirage of security which in fact is not there. False sense of security cannot and will not fulfill the need of inner peace and strength.

2)   Because conditions are ever changing: All the conditions many use to build their sense of security are subject to change beyond human control. No one is capable of keeping things unchanged forever. The sense of security is gone when the foundation on which it is built in gone. Men are building sand castles when they build their security on changing factors.

3)   Because it is all self-reliance: We know that no amount of spinning of wheels of a car may move the car forward for an inch without the support of road surface. No man can build real security by his own power or scheme. The best security man may build is no better than the power of that frail man. Man needs support other than himself to push him forward or upward.

4)   Because it is never enough to fill the vacuum: Man-made security can never fill up the vacuum in his heart. He always feels not enough. He always wants more, get higher and do better to feel secured which is a never ending burden in his life. It is because there is no boundary, no secured point where man may rest and feel secured. A man’s heart is deeper than an ocean.

THERE IS A BETTER WAY:  Seeking security is nothing wrong, seek it in wrong places is. King David had many precious experiences on this subject we all may learn from him. In today’s passage, here are some great suggestions:

1)   Begin a love relationship with God: (18:1) Most of the things man tries to build his security are impersonal. David started his search for security from a personal relationship with his God. Security is a mental and emotional condition as we know it. No wonder few men feel secured by seeking it from either impersonal matters or frail human beings. No one may build any stronger foundation of security away from a personal relationship with God. When you begin with God, you begin it right.

2)   Find an all-inclusive location:  (18:2) David used 8 different ways to describe the all-inclusive location where his security is built: the rock, the refuge, the shield, the fortress, the deliverer, the salvation, the strong hold and the horn. Each of these descriptions may be the topic of a thesis. All are in his God, the God David loved. There is no other place anyone could dream of to build his security other than the God of David. This is the same God we all have.

3)   Build the highest security ever: (18:3-5) The security David built in God was strong enough to rescue him from enemies, able to release him from the entanglement of the cords of death, powerful enough to stop the torrents of destruction, timely to uncoil the cords of grave and delivered him from the snares of death. David was not talking about material possessions or name or socio-economic status, he was talking about life and death situation. The God he loved is able to protect him from all possible harm.

4)   The 24/7 personal security service hotline: (18:6) Even though many of us have installed home security system which promised 24/7 customer service. Often times we may talk to total strangers who may be making few dollars an hour and doesn’t really care what may happen to you when you call. But David had built his security with a personal God who even in His highest place, His temple, He will always hear our cry in time of distress and urgency. This same God saw the suffering of His people in Egypt. He heard the cries of King Hezekiah while he was in his death bed. He heard the hopeless prophet of Elijah in the mountains. He also heard the prayers of Paul and Silas when they were in the prison. God never forges to hear our call of help.



1)    Security is important to all of us for survival and peace of mind. To neglect this is to put your life in danger without protection. Don’t be so naïve that all things will be alright just because you think so.

2)    Build your security on rock solid grounds of God. Anchor your life and everything else on Him and see how He is going to protect you from all harm. Do not build your security on things that can change and disappear. Build in God who is the same yesterday, today and forever.

3)    Prepare your eternal security needs: your soul and eternal life. No one may buy eternal life with thing he accumulates on earth. Invite Jesus into your heart as Lord and Savior and secure your place in Heaven with God.