“THE ULTIMATE SECURITY”                                By Pastor YAU

Text: John 10:22-29                                                     March 19, 2006



1)   A political firestorm: Since early this week, February 20th, the United States Congress, both houses, waged a political firestorm against President Bush and the Homeland Security Dept. on the transfer of administrative power of six seaports in the U. S. from a British company to another company owned by the United Arab Emirate’s government. A rare bipartisan uproar on concerns of national security to have an Arab country run major seaports of this country. Both sides cited the issue of national security as their concern even though some of them in the congress joined the bandwagon because of political reasons.

2)   A practical concern:  Most of us are not being political but do have concerns on port security. Consciously or unconsciously, most of the people in this country do prefer to have our ports managed by a British company, a long time avowed ally, than by a Muslin country which the Bush administration claims to be a close ally in the war on terror. Security is the central issue here and it is a real and present risk to allow an Arab country to manage our seaports even though our Coast Guard and other agencies continue to be the security forces. Security is in the mind of many. 



1)    Security of the soul: All the security issues most people are talking about have to do with physical things: a country, a business, a home, data in a computer, treasures in the safe depository in a bank, etc. But in the passage we have today, Jesus was talking about another kind or security: security of the soul, our eternity. This issue is far more important than any security issue we talk about. Jesus talks about your eternity after this worldly journey.

2)    It concerns all people: Different people have concerns on security of different thing: People in the Homeland Security Department of the government concern about the nation. Others who are in the Port Authority have concerns on port security. Business people concern about the security of their business and you have concern about your home, not mine. But Jesus was talking about security of the soul and all of us have souls. This is one thing concerns all of us and we all have to pay attention to what Jesus has to say.

3)    Not all souls are going to be saved: This is by far the most serious mistake most people have. Most people believe that if they are average people, not too bad but pretty good, they are going to be saved and will go to heaven after they die. That is far from the truth. The Bible classifies all people, including you, as sinners and is subjected to the judgment of God. The Bible also says there is no righteous man who deserves to go to heaven by his own efforts. Jesus emphasized again and again that only those who are in His care and in His gate are the ones who will be saved. Only those whom He knows their names belong to Him.

4)    Thieves and robbers may rob your soul: Twice Jesus mentioned thieves and robbers (10:8-10) who may rob away souls, blocking them from entering the gate of salvation. Too often, people believe that all religions are equally good and have the same power of saving souls. The truth is that many man made religions cannot even save the souls of their founders. In Christian faith, we do not believe in a religion. We believe in Jesus Christ who died on the cross, shed His blood to pay off the debts of our sins. He also rose again from the dead to secure us into heaven, the presence of God. Because it is your soul and your eternity, you need to make the best decision on this security issue before you stand before the judgment seat of God.


OTHER IMPORTANT SECURITY ISSUES: While national security against terrorists is important and need to be addressed, there are other security issues we need to have concerns. Among other things, let me list a few essential ones we all know they are important:

1)    A secured relationship: This is related to our emotional needs. God created human beings as social beings and we all need to relate to others. A secured relationship provides an environment in which we feel safe and wanted. Be it a marriage, a love relationship, a few close friends, someone special in your life, a group in the church, etc. But we know that no human relationship is going to last forever. There is one who is always there for us and that is Jesus Christ. He portrays himself as our shepherd and we are his sheep. He knows us by names and had died for our sins. (10:3, 11) You need someone you can trust and depend on? Count on Jesus.

2)    A secured resource line: Those who are responsible in providing for their families will agree with me: we need a dependable job or source of income so we and our loved ones will feel safe. But we also know that there is no such thing as a secured job or secured income. Our dependence on others to provide will always come to an end. But there is Jesus. He is our shepherd. He always knows our needs and is capable of providing us. (10:9)

3)    A secured environment: To have a secured environment is a big need in today’s society. That’s why people move to a safer city or safer areas of town. Spent hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to install security system at homes and businesses. But we all know that there is no such thing as an unbreakable security system. Just yesterday, February 22, a few robbers stole an equivalent of $92M of cash from a highly secured cash depository south of London, UK. But we have Jesus and He is our “gate.” He keeps us from all kinds of harm as long as we keep ourselves under his care. (10:10)

4)    A secured eternity: Besides the fools who say there is no god, most people in human history have spiritual needs and continue to seek eternal life. America is a free country. You can believe in anything you choose to and there is no one to stop you. But it is for your own good that you believe in the real thing. Jesus is the real thing. He is God incarnated in human form to die on the cross to save us from eternal loss. He and His Father, God, are all capable of keeping us safe from eternal loss if we place our faith in Him. No one and nothing can snatch us from the hands of God. (10:28-29)


SIMPLE STEPS TO ULTIMATE SECURITY: God is all loving and He never set rigid rules for His people. Here in this chapter 10, Jesus laid out few simple steps anyone who cares about his/her soul can follow:

1)    Listen to the voice of the shepherd Jesus: (10:3) Through the Bible, preaching from pulpits of churches, teaching in classrooms, personal witnessing by faithful Christians are all the voice of Jesus calling you to enter His gate and be saved. Do not ignore His voice or His message for security of your soul. Listen to him and answer His call.

2)    Follow His lead: (10:4) Again, twice Jesus talks about His leading role as a shepherd to His sheep. He knows our names, our needs and our destiny. He will lead our way in this life and the life to come. Follow His lead in living your life according to His teaching in the Bible. Seek His will and advice in making major decisions. Do as He told you and enjoy the peace of mind knowing that God is walking in front of you. Do not run away from the shepherd into harms way of your own choice.

3)    Accept His love: (10:11) Jesus predicted His death on the cross for the sins of man here. This is the ultimate demonstration of the love of God for the salvation of man. Even though it may be possible for someone to die in your place, no one’s death may bring you the remission of sin as Jesus did. He literally died for you so you may be saved. To ignore this self sacrificial love is the unforgivable contempt anyone could have done to this loving God.

4)    Answer His call: (10:25) Salvation is given to those who believe, not to those who know the whole Bible and what it says. It is given to those who put their faith in the saving grace of God not on their own merits of work. No one may be saved by reading, knowing the Bible or by doing his best. The Bible is full of calls to faith, to believe to receive salvation. This is the act of God not man, not you. To ignore this call or to refuse to believe is the same of boarding the train to eternal loss. The choice is yours.



1)     Your security concern? We all have concerns, especially security concerns. But we need to put our focus on the most important one that has to do with your soul. Putting concerns of earthly things may save you material things but focusing on concerns of the soul will save you from eternal loss.

2)     Choosing your security wisely and timely:  We all understand the importance of making timely wise choices. Decisions made unwisely or untimely achieve little if any. If you know it is the right thing to do then just do it. Time is never under your control.

3)     Ultimate security: salvation: All security measures in earth are temporary and subject to breaking. The real and eternal security of your life is in the hands of Jesus. Accept his offer to believe in Him and receive that eternal life is the best choice you may ever make.