“TRIPLE GUARANTEE”                                     By Pastor Yau

Joel 2:21-27                                                            January 4, 2004



       It is customary to give words of good wishes to our family and friends when we write them, especially at Christmas and New Year time.  We want to wish them good health, prosperous in their doing, safety in their trips, success in their pursuits, and the list goes on and on.  Even though we love to read those good words, we all know in heart that these are only good wishes and there is absolutely NO guarantee to any of them.  Instead of hoping the best in empty wishes, let us turn to the Bible to see where we may find true guarantees for our future as we start the new year of 2004.

       The time of Joel was very much like our time now: chaotic, uncertain, full of fear and suffering and people mourning their recent losses. Please go and read the passage then come back to read the rest of this message.  After God called the people of Israel to repentance, He offered them triple guarantee for their future.



       The Psalmist points us to the nature of God and His mercy in Ps. 103:8-13. God will never linger on His wrath. He will forgive and bestow His mercies on those who come to seek His face.  In Joel 2:21-24, God promised to pour out His blessings on His people beyond measure. He will make all things work well to meet all needs. Even though we see only material blessings in this passage, we know God is capable of providing all of our needs be it material, emotional and spiritual.  In Matthew 6:33, Jesus taught His disciples that if they will just first seek the Kingdom of God, He will provide all that they have needed.

       Many people, including some Christians, spend most of their time and energy in meeting their needs, mostly material needs. We need to know that it is God who gives us opportunity, strength, resources and ability to work so we are able to meet our needs. Seeking God for His provision doesn’t make us small. It brings us back to a proper relationship with Him as our creator and provider.



       To suffer losses is being human. We lose jobs, health, confidence, friendship, relationship, material possessions and many other things. Some of the losses we suffer come to us because of our failures.  Others come because of attacks from evil. Still others come to us from God as part of His plan of disciplinary actions. Some losses are of little importance. Others are devastating.  But God promised those who seek His face that He will repay or restore our past losses.

       There is no such thing as permanent losses. Everything we may lose for one reason or another, God can and will repay or restore is we just come to Him and ask. After lost everything in the attacks of Satan, God restored or repaid Job twice as much as he had lost. (Job 42:10)  No one should give up hope in his losses. In due time, in God way, He will always pay us back more than we can understand.



       The most severe punishment God had ever pronounced on His people was when He  withdrew Himself from going with the Israelites. (Exodus 33:3-16)  Moses pled with God to go with him and the people of Israel when God was ready to leave them alone.  As we face the New Year, what a blessing to have God’s promise to go with us.

       To have God with us means many things. It means God is pleased with us. It means God will lead our way. It also means God will protect us form harm, and the list will go longer when we think of His great wisdom and power. There is no company we may rely on than to have God go with us in the New Year.



      It is OK to write words of good wishes to our loved ones. But it is much better to share with them the triple guarantees God has promised to all those who seek His face. God can and will provide more than just good wishes. He will provide our needs, restore our losses and walk each and every step of the way in the New Year if we ask Him to.