“THE LAMB OF GOD”                                        By Pastor Yau

Isaiah 53:3-6                                                               April 4, 2004



       Many of those who had see the movie, “The Passion of the Christ,” will agree that part of the movie was so bloody and even gruesome. The intense of the suffering endured by Jesus was unspeakable and beyond description.  But the way Jesus would die was predicted in Isaiah 53 that He was led into the hands of the slaughters and suffered the death of a lamb of silence. It is in such a death Jesus went to the cross for the redemption of the sins of all men. The whole chapter of Isaiah 53 is a full description on the death of the redeemer, and selected text, vv. 3-6 gives us glimpses of the picture.



       The world welcomes and worships heroes, victors, men of great might.  But God made Jesus a man of sorrow and suffering.  He described himself as humble and gentle. It was that then and still is that now.  But this is the way, the ONLY way, the way of suffering and death, to pay the price of the sins of men.  It is by His blood, sins of men were forgiven. It was by His suffering, men escape the punishment for their sins.



       Sin has consequences, and the ultimate consequence if death.  It was Jesus who took upon Himself the sin of men, that He was stricken and smitten on our behalf.  He paid the wages of sin by His suffering in the hands of those who crucified Him for those of us we are exempted from the penalties and consequences.



       Men who are burdened by sin are like men who are sick and wounded. They can not help themselves in the healing of their wounds. It was Jesus and His sacrifice that brought the power of healing to men: be it the wounds of sin, the wounds of broken relationship, the wounds of pain and despair, the wounds of hopelessness.  It is in the blood of Jesus, our wounds are healed and whole again. 

       The suffering of Jesus also brings us peace, peace with God and peace with men.  When we are cleansed of our sins, we are given the access to our Father in Heaven and that’s because of His shedding of blood on the cross.  With His cross, men were also given the power to make peace with one another.  As men take on the truth of Jesus to love one another, all the human divisions, hatred and selfishness were removed. It is in Him, we find true peace.  There will be NO peace, be it among men or among nations, if Jesus is not on the center stage.



       The Bible speaks of us as sheep, wandering each his own way.  Freedom has become wanton in life, liberty becomes lawlessness. People do all things and lives without the law of God.  They set themselves loose and they suffer consequences from that. Freedom without limits or control is chaos.  This is true even in the area of salvation. Even some so call Christians will choose their way over the way of God.  In all these, Jesus opened the new way in which men are able to access God.  Therefore Jesus claimed that only He is the way, the truth and the life.” No one may go to the Father except through Him.



       No one, anyone, who claims to be a believer of Jesus may claim to have sacrificed too much for the Lord if we know how much He has sacrificed for us.   Just read the Scripture and see the movies and you will see how much Jesus has done for you.  Nothing we may give him sacrifice for him may get close to what He has done for us.   It is in His suffering we are brought back to God and were given the forgiveness of sin.  It is never too late to accept the gift of salvation by knowing and believing in the Lamb of God.