“THE AWESOME GOD”                                           By Pastor YAU

Text: Psalm 47:1-9                                                      September 16, 2007



1)   Some “awesome” experience: “Awesome” is a word many people use in everyday life. But it was often used in unsuitable context. A grandpa was playing a radio-controlled racecar on the living room floor with his grandson. Several times the boy said, “Awesome!” On another occasion, this grandpa and his wife just finished a meal and were leaving the restaurant when they were greeted by the manager at the door who asked, “How’s everything, folks?” The gentleman replied, “Fine.” “Awesome!” the manager said.

2)   Some definitions of “awesome”: The grandpa wasn’t sure if the word was used in proper context. He visited Webster’s dictionary and found a list of definition: awesome: deeply reverent, dreadful and awful, among others. He remembered the feeling he had when he stood on the rim of the Grand Canyon. That was truly awesome. How will you use this word “awesome?” What is awesome to you?


SOME “AWESOMES” IN LIFE: Common ways we use “awesome.”

1)     Awesome means good: We use “awesome” to mean very good such as some good food, a good movie, something we enjoy.

2)     Awesome means successful: We also use awesome to mean success, a good job well done, our appreciation for a good job.

3)     Awesome means joyful: We use awesome to describe our feeling or emotional state on things such as beauty.

4)     Awesome means approval: We use awesome to express approval and agreement with others when they did something we like.

5)     Awesome means overwhelming: Just as the feeling when we see the Niagara Falls or the Grand Canyon, some phenomenon beyond our everyday experience.

6)     Awesome means surprise: We use awesome to express our feeling on things or results beyond our expectation.

7)   Awesome means outstanding: We use awesome to express our reaction or response to things that are exceptional or extraordinary.

8)     Awesome means respect: We use awesome to show respect to people who demonstrate exceptional character or personality.

9)     Awesome means admiration: Sometimes when we praise others as awesome, we express our admiration on their achievements.

10)  Awesome means envy: Sometimes when we admit something or someone is awesome, we wish we could have done it and there is a sense of jealousy or envy.

ONLY GOD IS REALLY AWESOME:  King David had different definition on the word awesome when he used it to describe God. He attributed God as the awesome God because:

1)    God is the Most High: “How awesome is the Lord the Most High.” (47:2a)Among all those who were and are in high positions, our God is the Most High. No one is higher than God. He is over all other gods. Our God takes no order from anyone else. He is the highest authority. He is really the awesome God.

2)    God rules over the earth: “(He is) the great King over the earth.” (47:2b) God is in charge of all the earth and the cosmic world. No one is beyond His control or his power of jurisdiction. God is in charge of all things in the earth. His rule is really awesome.

3)    God rules over nations and people: “He subdues nations and people.” (47:3)God is over kings and kingdoms and all the people in history. No one is great enough not to submit to God. He is really awesome compared to all other kings and queens.

4)    God owns and gives inheritance: “He chose our inheritance for us.” (47:4)God is the sole owner of all things and has all the power to distribute His inheritance to anyone according to His will. God is awesome in His generosity.

5)    God ascended into heaven: “God has ascended amid shouts of joy and trumpets.” (47:5)As Jesus ascended into heaven after He rose from the death, our God is the God of heavens and the earth is His foot stool. (Matthew 5:34-35) God is the only God who is in heaven and that is really awesome.

6)    God sits on His holy throne: “God reigns over the nations; He is seated on His holy throne.” (47:8)Sitting on holy throne represents power and authority. He also reigns with righteousness and justice. There will be no injustice or chaos when God reigns over the earth. He has the awesome power to do anything and anything.

7)    God is over all the nobles: “The nobles of the nations assemble as the people of the God of Abraham for the kings of the earth belong to God.” (47:9a)Kings and queens, princes and other noblemen and all who may have power will assemble before God to worship Him and be judged by Him. God is really the most awesome over all the rich and powerful.

8)    God is greatly exalted: “He is greatly exalted.” (47:9b)Be exalted means occupying the high position. It also means the object of all royalty and power. There is none that may compete with Him. God is truly awesome when we worship Him and honor Him.

THE AWESOME GOD AND US: There are many awesome things and awesome people in this world but mostly they have nothing to do with our life. But that is not the case with God. Our awesome God has a lot to do with our life. Let us see some of the correlations:

1)   We are safe under His protection: Since our God is the Most High and rules over the earth, we have nothing to be afraid of. His awesome power is more than sufficient to protect us from harm and to deliver us from all evil. King David expressed his confidence in God when he said, “Though I walk thru the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for Thou are with me.” (Psalm 23:4) No matter what your situation may be, God is there to keep you and save you. And that is awesome.

2)   We are safe under His justice: Many people, including many Christians, are discouraged to see rampant spread of injustice and evil in all level of the world: from government to the powerful, from legal system to everyday encounter of evil, we see and feel hopelessness for the poor, the weak, the unprotected and the vulnerable. But God’s holy nature will defeat evil and His righteousness will make things right in His time for His people. And that is really awesome.

3)   We are safe under His care: Since God is the sole owner of all things in heaven and earth, we, as His people, shall not be in want. His love is sufficient to provide us with all good things. He will never withhold any good thing from giving us. Prophet Isaiah said that “He give strength to the weary and increases the power to the weak. Even youth grows tired and weary and young men stumble and fall. But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not faint.” (Isaiah 40:30-31) That’s awesome.

4)   We safe with God in heaven: Jesus told his disciples and us, “I am going there to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am.” (John 14:2-3)Looking forward to be with God, our Lord, is not because we are hopeless here but is very much hopeful to be there as Paul says in 2 Corinthians 5:1-10. We are here today for a mission---to lead others to Christ. But when our job is done, we will be with the Lord in heaven forever. That is an awesome assurance from God.



1)     More than awesome: To see awesome thing and to have awesome experience are good. But to know the awesome God and put our faith in Him is more than just awesome. It is superior and everlasting. All things and people that may be awesome today, they will lose attraction and importance tomorrow. Our awesome God lives forever.

2)     Applying the awesome: Knowing God is awesome is one thing. Applying the awesome God in our daily life is another thing. We need to transfer our knowledge of God to our faith in Him. We need to trust His love, His power and His resources that we shall never be in want or be vulnerable.

3)     The awesome Savior: Jesus is the only Savior in human history to die on the cross and to shed his blood for the forgiveness of our sins. He is the real awesome Savior God has given men. Open your heart to place your trust in Him and be saved from eternal separation from God. This awesome Savior will forgive your sins and give you eternal life.