“SEEK AND FIND”                                       By Pastor Yau

Luke 19:1-10                                                    October 5, 2003



       “Seek and Find” is a popular game mostly played by children.  It creates excitement and a sense of success when things are found.  But usually that excitement lasts only in the game and fades out a moment later.  Older people seek and find difference things: love, wealth, security, status or even power.  But the trend is the same: the excitement of getting them lasts only a little while.

       The Scripture quoted in this message records a different story: a man who sought and found Jesus and the excitement and reward were eternal. 


All Men Need to Seek Jesus:

       Many people down in history look at Christianity, salvation and eternal life as things for the ignorant, the poor, the uneducated, the under-privileged, those who can’t make sound decisions, the weak and so on.  They believe that men with brain and power do not need to seek Jesus. They equate things men can achieve, make and possess to that of eternal value. And that is dead wrong.

       The reason that ALL MEN need to seek Jesus and to have eternal life is because ALL MEN have sinned and come short of the glory of God.  All have sinned, and need forgiveness of their sins by the blood of Jesus.  Zacchaeus was a successful man with lots of money, status and power. Yet he was humble enough to realize that he was a sinner and he needed Jesus to save him.  His decision drew him close to Jesus to receive salvation.


He won’t allow anything stop him to do so:

       Zacchaeus was a short guy, too short to see Jesus or be seen by Jesus.  But he won’t allow this obstacle to stop him from getting what he was determined to have.  He climbed up a sycamore tree near the street where Jesus would pass by.  In doing so he was Jesus, or Jesus saw him.

       Different people have different excuses or stumbling blocks to stop him from seeking Jesus.  Some may blame on the half-baked Christians\. Others will blame on their busy schedules. Still others will find reasons good to delay seeking Jesus and therefore delay salvation.  But that was not the case with Zacchaeus.  He won’t let anyone or anything stop him from doing the MOST important thing in his life: seeking Jesus and receiving eternal life.  Blame on others for your own loss is not a smart way to handle important things like eternal life.


Seek and you will Find:

       The Bible didn’t say that Zacchaeus saw Jesus, but says Jesus saw him and call ed him to come down from the tree.  God is never hiding nor will He take vacation and is therefore unreachable.  He is ever ready to receive all who will come to Him and receive His gift of salvation.

       Some people still think they need to do lots of extra good works, to understand all the truth of the Bible, to have all their questions about the Bible answered, to do a lot of good works, etc. to be saved. That’s not true.  God sent His Son, Jesus to earth to save us, not we can do anything to find God.  Jesus is knocking on the  door to your heart, asking to come in to save you.


Repent and be forgiven:

       No man can come to God’s Kingdom with his sins. All sins have to be forgiven before anyone can enter God’s kingdom.  The first thing Zacchaeus did when he saw Jesus was confessed his sins and demonstrated a heart of repentance.  The death of Jesus on the cross is for the washing clean of men’s sins.  Anyone who wants to seek Jesus and receive salvation must confess his sins and receive forgiveness from God.


Salvation is granted:

       There are many things money can buy. Still other things many can help to make them better and more valuable. But there is one thing NO MONEY can buy, or do any good, or help to make it better, and that is “eternal life”.  It is a gift of God to those who believe and repent. Jesus granted salvation to Zacchaeus and his house immediately when he confessed his sins and demonstrated his repentance. This is so not because is unrighteous. But it is because God is love, and His love makes it possible for us to come to him.



       Forgiveness of sin and granting of salvation are the most important issues of men in history.  All that men have achieved means nothing in the eyes of God.  There is ONLY one way to go to heaven, and it is thru Jesus, the son of the Living God, men are saved. Seek Him while he is near.