“SANCTITY OF HUMAN LIFE”                                By Pastor YAU

Genesis 1:26-31                                                            January 23, 2005


INTRODUCTION:   On January 18, 2002, President Bush issued a presidential declaration on the SANCTITY OF HUMAN LIFE in which he declared January 20, 2002, as SANCITY OF HUMAN LIFE DAY. He also decreed that there will be a Day of Sanctity of Human Life in January each year, the Sunday immediately before or after the 20th, to promote the dignity and sanctity of human life.



1)   Life is divine: Human life was created by God in Hi image. (Gen. 1:26, 27)  Among all the things God had created, only human life was created in the image of God. Only human life has the spirit of God in him.

2)   Human life is therefore above all other forms of life. The value of human life is above all other lives: animal or vegetation. It was only after the creation of human life, in Day 6, God said it is VERY good. (Gen. 1:31)

3)   Human life carries the image of God and therefore deserves dignity and respect more than any other form of life. God designated human to be the center of His creation, and He entrusted all other created things to the care of man. (1:26-30)

4)   Human life is precious and deserves special protection. God specified the sanctity and protection of human life in the Ten Commandments: Thou shall not kill. (Exodus 20:13)



1)   The sanctity of human life crosses over racial lines. All human lives are sanctified and deserve equal dignity and respect regardless of race and skin color.  There is no room for discrimination of any human life base on race or color of skin. All human lives are created by God.

2)   The sanctity of human life crosses over age lines: The value of life is not based on age: young or old, infants or mature. Every life deserves equal respect and protection regardless of age.

3)   The sanctity of human life crosses over socio-economic lines. All human lives, regardless of rich or poor, educated or uneducated, differences of intelligence and any other socio-economic classifications deserve equal respect and protection.

4)   The sanctity of human life crosses over from the born to the unborn.  Life begins at conception, not at the time of birth. This is true in the Bible and is proven by the physiological development of the baby, the psychology of the expecting mother and social ethics.  The first section of the Presidential Declaration stresses the protection of the unborn.



1)   Unborn babies are created by God. (Psalm 139:13-16; 127:3) It is a gift of God to man and deserves protection from harm as all human lives.

2)   God is present and He works in the unborn. (Ps. 22:9b) An unborn life is life. (Luke 1:39-45) The baby, or life, responds to physical and emotional stimulation as any other human life.

3)   God specified penalties for harming the unborn, (Exodus 21:22-23) intentionally or unintentionally. Protection of the unborn is clear in the Bible.

4)   Unlimited potential of human life. No one may determine what a life will become, born or unborn. The life of Moses, David, Clarence Thomas, Charles Swindoll, etc. All these men, and many others, were conceived and born under very difficult condition in their families. Yet God had plans for each one of them and no man should take away their potential, opportunity and the plans of God.


The “Pro-choice” movement is in fact “pro-death”. Since the legalization of abortion in 1972, there is an average of 1,100,000 abortions each year (from 1,400,000 to 970,000 each year,) in the United States. That is more than 3,000 babies killed by abortion every day. No one will know what these lives may become or may do if they were given the opportunity to live.



1)   Have Pro-life mindset: Bible believing people need to understand the biblical teaching on the sanctity of life. They need to form a pro-life mindset and take a pro-life stand. Christians need to obey the Bible over and above personal preference or any other theory or reason in regard to the protection of the unborn.

2)   Obey and practice the principles of the sanctity of human life by treasuring the gift of life, all lives. They also need to treat all human lives equally, born and unborn, young and old, rich and poor, all races and colors. They need to be compassionate to those who have unexpected pregnancy. To help and provide assistance to the mothers and the babies.

3)   Christians should also support pro-life government officials, policies, organizations and programs. Be active in teaching our children and others biblical principles on the sanctity of human life.

4)   Be compassionate and supportive to those who had abortions in the past. Christians need to be gentle and loving, encouraging them to seek forgiveness from God and receive peace and pardon from Him. (1 John 1:9)


CONCLUSION:  The theme of the Bible is about life: Life here on earth and the life eternal in heaven with God. When Christians practice respect of the Bible, we should begin by respect life. We need to practice Christian principles on the sanctity of human life to all people regardless of race, color, socio-economic status, the born and the unborn. No human reason or convenience could take precedent to harm any life. Let us remember life is the most precious gift of God and we need to do our utmost to protect it.