“ROADMAP TO BLESSINGS”(2)                       By Pastor Yau

Proverbs 3:6-10                                                   February 1, 2004



       God has promised blessings to those who live their lives follow His commands.  The passage quoted here lists out the other four requirements leading to His blessings. This is not bribery, it is reward to those who believe in Him and are obedient to His words.



       To follow is human nature.  Small children like to follow their parents, the way they act, the words they say, the clothes they wear and the jobs they hold.  The Bible encourages us to follow those who are spiritual and are worthy to be our examples. The apostle Paul encouraged his reader to follow him, and in turn, as he followed Jesus Christ.

       We have seen, read, heard stories after stories about people, especially the young ones, ruin their lives, committed terrible crimes, get into many troubles all because they have followed the wrong crowd.  Therefore, the object of our following is very import. The scripture encourages us to acknowledge, or follow, God in all our ways. Many Christians will follow God’s way only if they fit their likes or convenience.

       One thing that usually hinders our following God is we think we have enough wisdom and understand. We tend to walk our own way because we think we know better.



       Respect is a rare commodity in today’s society.  People do not respect government, children do not respect their parents and students do not respect teachers. Respect of authority is seen as weakness while rebellion is seen as being tough.  When people do not respect God and His words, there is no ultimate authority in their lives.  Then lawlessness becomes the rule of life. So, we see the chaos in our society.

       Respect of God and His representatives, government, officials and parents, is the foundation of harmony and peace. Those who respect God will follow His words for their lives. As a result, following God will always lead to blessings God has installed for you.

       The fact that those who do know believe God nor respect God are out of the range of His blessing is not because of discrimination but because these people travel on different ways where there is no heavenly treasures prepared by God to give to those who follow.



       No one will argue that this is an evil world, full of wicked people and things.  Evil is the nature of this world.  It was there early in human history, (Gen. 6:5) and it is here today as wee see everyday.  God never asks that we are to eliminate evil, but He asks that we shun away from evil.

       God asks that we stay away from evil thoughts as in Gen. 6:5.  Many people today will do nothing but filling their hearts and mind with evil thoughts.  God also asks that we stay away from evil mouths as in Proverbs 6:12-19. Evil words can hurt people as badly as swords that pears into the heart of man.  God asks that we also stay away from evil people.  In Psalm 1:1, the Bible says we are not to walk in the counsel of the wicked, not to stand in the way of sinners and not to sit in the seat of mockers. To associate with evil is to defy the commands of God and we will not find His blessings.


       Although there are more than one way to honor God, it is God’s desire to ask that God’s people honor Him with material processions. As Jesus said in Matthew 6:21, “where your treasure is, there will your heart  be also.” When people of God are willing and generous to bring their first fruits to honor God,  God will also be generous to bestow His blessings on them.   The best test of our love to God is in our giving to Him.  So many of us are very generous to give to our loved ones, especially our children, we need to give God at least the way we give to our children.

       Being stingy to God is not hurting God because God owns everything, including our lives. We can’t take that chance if God is stingy to us.



       Even though God never wants to be an investment banker, He did promise those who are willing and faithful in following Him.  In the words of Jesus to those who are willing to carry their cross and follow Him, He promised eternal life in the life to come and blessings of 100 folds. (Luke 18:30)