“ROADMAP TO BLESSINGS”                            By Pastor Yau

Proverbs 3:1-5                                                     January 25, 2004



       God had promised to bestow His blessings on those who obey and follow His commands. (Lev. 26:5-13) He has planted many blessings on the path of each life waiting for those who will follow His commands to find out.  The passage of Proverbs 3:1-10, lists 8 kinds of blessings God has promised to those who will follow His roadmap to find out and to receive. In the odd verses, there are signs we need to follow. In the even verses, there are blessings we shall find if we follow His road map.


In 3:1-5, God has promised 4 kinds blessing: 1) Long life, 2) Prosperity, 3) Favor of God, 4) Good name from Man. All these were considered important blessings in the Old Testament. They are also popular in today’s cultural.  To find and possess these blessings, God has listed requirements.  Anyone who will follow God’s command will surely find and enjoy the blessings. Here are the requirements:



       It is almost an universal requirement for anyone to inhered an estate from someone, he/she must be a child of the owner. When King Solomon called on his son, it was God calling on His children. It is so not because God is a stingy god, but it is because only in this life relationship, one will fully understand and appreciate the blessings from Him. Any one who is not a child of God will not follow God’s commands as stated in this passage.  Those who ask only blessings but not willing to obey God or to have anything to do with God will not find the blessings.



       We all will remember things we deem as important, things that related to those whom we love dearly, those we respect, and things we consider serious to our benefit. God wants us to treat His teachings or commands the same way. We tend to ignore or forget things we don’t really care, people we don’t really respect and so on.  The fact  that people, especially Christians, who easily forget the teaching of God is because they either don’t really respect God or do not take His teachings as important to their well being. That is a grave mistake. Repeatedly in the Bible, God promised those who are obedient to His commands abundant blessings, and to those who ignore God and His teachings much trouble.  God doesn’t have to punish these people.  The only thing God has to do is to with draw His hands of guidance and protection, we will certainly in lots of trouble.



       Among all the attributes of God, love and faithfulness are of ardent importance. God wants His children to have these qualities as He is love and faithful.  These qualities may be expressed in our relationship with God and with men. The Bible says those who give shall receive. Love God and love man are the two most important laws among all laws as Jesus commanded. (Matthew 22:37-40)




       Many people get into many troubles and resulted in heartbreaking pain because they follow wrong things: secular philosophy, bed friends, worldly ideas and values and/or selfish personal pursuits. That’s why God asks those who want to receive blessings from Him to trust Him with all their hearts, not haft of the heart, or some times of the heart. It is imperative for us to know God, trust God, and obey God with all of our hearts at all times. Anytime anyone stray from God and His path, he/she is on his/her own and dangers will be everywhere.

       Leaning on our own understanding, or so called wisdom, is a drawback for many to lose the blessings of God. It is not that God wants to hide away His blessings, it is those who strayed away were in the wrong place to find them.



       King David wrote that those who positioned himself near the stream of life will bear fruits in season and its leaves will not wither. (Psalm 1: 3)  If you want the blessings of God, stay in His course. Follow His roadmap, and you are on the way to success.