“JESUS WILL RETURN”                                   By Pastor YAU

Luke 19:11-27                                                          April 25, 2004


INTRODUCTION:  The salvation of Jesus will not be complete if there were only crucifixion, resurrection and ascension with our His promised return as He spoke to His disciples in John 14:1-3.  The parable recorded here was an answer of Jesus to His disciples in regard of the timing of the Kingdom of God.



       IN THIS PASSAGE, Jesus was telling His disciple that He will be gone to receive a kingdom, and He will be gone for  quite a while.  We need to remember that time means nothing to God.  The fact that He is gone doesn’t mean He will NOT come back.  The return of Jesus is a sure thing in the future, even though no one will know exactly when.

       In His absence, the Kingdom business is on the shoulders of His disciples. He has entrusted His kingdom to His servants, you, me and all who claim to serve the Lord. It is our duty to make sure that The Lord’s business of God is not suffering loss in any kind.

       Even at the time of Jesus, there were people who can only see the natural phrase of  God’s church. But the Lord has given us the authority and the power to follow thru His promises.   Many of these are not going to welcome Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

       Even at the time when Jesus was here on earth, there were people or people’s group, who will not summit to the power of Jesus,   When people reject the commands of the Lord, he/she will not go Unpunished.  Those who reject Jesus as their King, Lord and Savior will receive eternal loss without possibility to be saved.



       We all receive some TRUSTS from the Lord. Men may distinguish gifts of all kinds and sizes, but they are all the same in the eyes of the Lord.  All that we have or possess, be it talents, intelligence, opportunities, resources and any and all provisions, they are al from the Lord, and they are all HIS, not ours.  We owe HIM everything.

       There will be a time for settling accounts when He comes. The Lord will not run His kingdom without making demands and requirements. We all have to give Him an account in the way we spend His resources, time, and results.  The Lord never want His servants to be lazy or fooling around. He demands for returns and profits.

       While He will not demand that we all have the same results in our execution of trusts, Jesus does expect us to be faithful and fruitful.  We need to be diligent, hard-working, good judgment and faithfulness.



       The first is the most dedicated, diligent and wise servant.  He must had labored a lot to make those profits.  Besides salvation for the Lord, there is nothing as FREE on earth. Sweat and hard work are always the best policy on cultivating life and its value.

       God never demands we all are equal in intelligence, resources, opportunities and results. But He does demand that we all have return—big or small.  No one should bury God’s talents, resources or any  other elements we receive from the Lord. He demands we use them properly, diligently and wisely in order to produce results

       There are different levels of return depends on the difference God has entrusted us. We are not to produce the same level of result. But we are to be same in diligence and fervency on God’s business.



       Those who work hard and earn many folds over the trust must have done so with sacrifices: time, efforts, personal dreams, purpose of life, etc. Sometimes, people are not willing to give up their rights to serve the Lord. But compare to the tremendous rewards the Lord will give them, their sacrifices are like peanuts.

       Those who are not faithful, lazy or disobedient, they are selfish, proud and are good in criticize others for their being non-productive. 

       Roughly there are 2 kinds of people in this world: one is those who are always busy with things, hard working to get things done and enjoy the fruits of their hard works. But there are those who are lazy, selfish, never know what it means to be faithful.  These are the people who are good in complaints and criticism. They always have a way to point fingers on others for their failures. It is these people who spoil everything from family to work, to school and everything else in the world.


CONCLUSION:  No one will live life twice. All of us are given portions of trusts God will give to all of us. It is imperative that we are faithful to His trust. To ignore the fact that He is coming back someday is to ignore God himself. When answering Peter on rewards of faithfulness in Luke 18:28-30, Jesus promised to all those who are faithful the reward of 100 folds in this world, and eternal life in the world to come.  The choice is yours.