“IS LIFE MEANINGLESS?”                                By Pastor Yau

Ecclesiastes 1:1-9                                                            November 30, 2003



       Even to the most optimistic people, life is mostly like spinning the wheel---doing the same thing or things over and over again, just as King Solomon said in this passage.  Even though there are times we find significant meaning in a few things we do, we are spending our lives in so many unimportant and repetitive routines like commuting to work, fight the traffic to come home, have dinner, watching some tv and go to sleep, and we do them again and again everyday, non-stop. Life as routines makes people losing meaning, focus and eagerness to live.  But that was not the case with Paul the Apostle. He says: “I do not run like a man running aimlessly, I do not fight like a man fighting the air.”  To Paul, there is purpose and object in life, even many times we are just doing same things repeatedly.


Paul portrayed life of believers as part of a spectacle, a grand play or a huge drama. (I Corinthians 4:9)  In order to have a successful play, we need to adhere to some basic principles.



       Good shows begin with good stories, and good stories are written by good writers. The Bible tells us that God is the greatest author of the universe.  He had thought through every detail before He began His work of creation.  God is also the creator of our individual lives in small details and plans.  All that have been created were created by Him. (John 1:3) He is the origin of all wisdom, all knowing from the past to the present and to the future.  No man in history has the complete wisdom and ability to create anything, anyone, any happening or whatever else men may see or expect. If anyone wants to be in a great drama, he should ask to be included in God’s creation.



       Everyone knows the importance of a director in making a show great, and God is the best director in human history to direct events of the world as well as small happenings of individual life.  In order to have a successful show, all players, characters, helpers and anyone who has a part in the show MUST respect and obey the wisdom and authority of the director.  Many people try to run their own lives without obeying the plans and direction of the greatest director of all time, God, and therefore they lose their part in the great show of God and they were lost in the struggles of men.  Meaning of individual life depends on the much larger meaning of the show.



       In I Corinthians 12: 14-18, the Bible lays out the fundamental truth on the value of all the parts in a body---they are all different and they are all important. God has His wisdom in placing different part, big and small, visible and less visible, to make the body functional. No one should consider him/herself as unimportant or the most important. We all need each other working closely together to make the show perfect and beautiful. We need to ask God to show us the proper place of our function and be faith in doing our BEST. Anyone who thinks more than he should is going to disrupt or destroy the show which God has designed to be a good show.



       We all know that not all who act in shows or movies have the same future or same level of success.  Among many factors which make actors/actresses great is the continuous growth, maturity, skills and performance.  Anyone who wants to be useful in God’s drama must pursue spiritual growth, character maturity and service ability.  Only those who are willing to put in time and efforts to improve themselves will see their future becoming brighter. No one in God’s family should be a sponge which can only absorb and never discharge for others.  Many Christians have become useless because they have not been improving themselves to be useful.



       We all know that different people have different value system. The value of the secular world evidently will be very different from that of God.  God doesn’t use worldly standards to evaluate the meaning and usefulness of our lives.  Using worldly value system to judge the meaning of our lives can only leave us wrong conclusion and many times self devaluation. The proper meaning of a Christina life is the fulfillment of God’s purpose in him/her.  Everything else we make use to judge the meaning or value of our lives are disturbing, inaccurate and misleading.



       As Rick Warren indicates in the first chapter of his popular book, PURTPOSE DRIVEN LIFE, the foundation of the meaning and value of a life begins in God. Whatever a man may do without God will not create lasting meaning or value for himself or for others.  If you are feeling empty or meaningless in your life, it is the time for you to go back to God and find His assigned place for you to function.