“INSTANT ACCESS”                                            By Pastor YAU

Hebrews 10:19-25                                                   December 31, 2006



1)     Access to a father: The pastor of a large church explained to his young son how his secretary screened his phone calls at the church office. He said, “If your mom calls me and I am busy, the church secretary will tell her what I am doing, and then Mom will decide if I should be interrupted or if she should leave a message.” Then he told his son, “But if you call me, you will be put right through. I want you to know that you can call me anytime because you are my son.” A few days later, the church secretary put a call through to the pastor from his son. The father asked the son if there is anything he could do for him. The son replied, “No, Dad. I just want to make sure I could actually get to you anytime I want to.”

2)     Access to the Heavenly Father: We too have instant access to our heavenly Father anytime we want to. There is no secretary to screen our calls. No need for a decision if we can bother Him. No need to leave a message for Him to call back and above all, we can call Him anywhere we may be at anytime without any restriction. Jesus has provided the way by His death and resurrection. He has paid the debts of our sins, has abolished the dividing wall between God and man through His body so we may have uninterrupted access to God. (10:19-20; Ephesians 2:14-15)


NO PLAN IS GOOD ENOUGH: Most people have cell phones today. Years ago when I saw someone walking and talking at the same time through the aisles in a supermarket, I thought he/she was talking to him/herself. But now when I saw that same thing, I know he/she was talking to someone on the cell phone. It is convenient and sometimes is also necessary. But all wireless plans have many limitations compare to the plan God has provided us:

1)    No free service: While there are many different wireless packages, some are better than others, but they all have one thing in common: you have to pay to use it. There is no such thing as free calls. All calls are included in a package you paid for.  No one is in business for free. But that is not with God who provides us truly free access to call Him. How much is the price? We can’t afford it but has been paid in full by Jesus Christ.

2)    No unlimited minutes: No matter what kind of a plan you may buy, there is always a limit of minutes you may make calls within your plan. All additional minutes you call will add more charges to your statement at the end of the month. That is not with God and us. We can call Him as many times and talk to Him as long as we want to and there is never a limit of number of calls or length of a call. It all depends on you how long you want to talk to God.

3)    No all-day-long calls: Many wireless plans will provide some minutes you may call during daytime and more minutes you may call at night and weekends. If we want to talk for LONG time, we need to wait till night time or weekends to make those calls. No such restrictions apply when we want to talk to God. We can call Him anytime of the day, talk to Him as long as we want to and no charges will ever be accessed.

4)    No anywhere service: Every wireless plan has its own access network or transmission areas. You have to be in their areas of service to make calls or otherwise, your calls won’t get through because they depend on transmitting power. If you are at a location outside of their service area your calls will not go through. That will never happen when we are calling God. God is all present and our transmission agent, Jesus, is all powerful to receive our calls. God is never too far away we can’t reach Him.

5)    No interference-free: If we are in the basement of a concrete building or inside of a metal structure, the depth of the building in the ground or the metal structure may prevent us from making cell phone calls. That will never happen when we call God. You can be at any place, any location, high or low, open space or confinement, nothing can interfere with our call to God. Nothing in this world may stop our spirit from reaching the Spirit of God.

6)    No life-time battery: It must have very frustrating experience when you need to make an important call but your phone battery is dead, no power. You always have to keep a charger close by to make sure you can recharge that battery. When it comes to calling God, our battery, the Spirit of God in us, will never run out of power. He is always 100 percent fully charged and always on duty. When we keep a close relationship with Jesus, our Spirit is being recharged every moment of our life.

7)    No answer guaranteed: Does this sound familiar? You need to talk to someone but he has turned off his phone. All you can do is to leave a message and hope that he will call back soon. You are at the mercy of that person to have a conversation. Too often, you left message after message and never receive a call back. That will not happen when we call God. God will never be too busy to take your calls nor will he need time for His own that He needs to turn off his phone. He is eager and always ready to take your calls and give you all the attention you need.



1)    Because we are not invincible: If we are honest about ourselves, we all know that there are so many things, more than we want to see or admit, that we can no nothing about them. Things like our health, the behavior of our children, the boss we work for, the teacher in our class, the neighbors next to our home, gas price, the economy, the weather and countless others, there is little or nothing we can do or change. We can’t even change our own bad habits or sinful nature. We do need help from God to fix problems, give guidance, show us matters of truth, provides strength and the list goes on and on. I know there are people who think they can handle everything but they are just as pitiful as we are but are arrogant enough to struggle through life themselves without God.

2)    Because He knows it all: There are books written by people who have experience that may be able to help us fix some minor problems in life. But there is no one who is absolutely capable of fixing everything from a broken marriage to a way warded child. We often times trust the manufacturer better than any other people to fix problems of their products because they are the ones who designed them, made them and should know everything about them. That is exactly why we need to call God. Since God is the Creator of all things in heaven, on earth and under earth, including you and me, shouldn’t we come to Him and trust Him that He knows better than anyone else to fix our problems?

3)    Because He loves to help us:  All repairmen come to your house to fix problems because they make money from you as their primary incentive of service. But God will come to us to fix our problems because of His love to us. How many times have you helped fix your children’s problems, if you are parents, and you didn’t get any pay? You are happy to come and help your children again and again without any compensation and why? Because you love them and want the best for them. That is why God loves to fix our problems every time we ask Him. He loves us as His children.

4)    Because only God can do:  Many problems we have are external and material related and some are easier than others for us to fix them. But there are times we have deep spiritual problems and there is no one who may help us except God. Problems like sin, evil nature, loneliness and emptiness on the inside, lack of meaning or purpose of life, strength to overcome temptation and human nature, just to name a few, are things no human can help but God. For a complete life full of energy, hope and inner strength, we need God to lead our way and guide us through. So, we need to call Him all the time.


HOW TO USE THE INSTANT ACCESS? When you buy a computer, a microwave or video recorder, you want to read the instruction booklet comes with the product to fully understand how to install it, use it and fix some problems that may happen. On how to use the instant access to call God, we need to come to His instruction in His word, the Bible, to make sure that all calls will go though without interruption. (10:19-25)

1)      You need an access line: “Therefore, brother, since we have confidence to enter the Most Holy place by the blood of Jesus, by a new and living way opened for us.” (Hebrews 10:19-20) The access code or door to God is the blood of Christ. No one is able to access God except through His Son, Jesus Christ. Jesus made it very clear, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6) In order to access God, one must go through Jesus, believe in Him as Lord and Savior, take Him to heart and follow Him. Without this first step, no one may access God anywhere anytime.

2)      You need a clear signal: “Let us draw near to God with a sincere heart in full assurance of faith.” (10:22) No signal, no calls, we all know that. The clear signal to access God is our clean heart and a strong faith. “Without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to Him must believe that He exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek Him.” (Heb. 11:6) How can one call God but do not believe in God yet expects something from God? No faith, no clear signal and no access.

3)      You need a good battery: “Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering.” (10:23, KJV) The power of our calls to God is only possible when we hold fast our profession of faith, the Bible, the word of God. We need to hold fast our belief in the Bible, all its promises, teachings and mandates and be obedient to them. The Bible is the instruction book from God and we need to take it seriously and completely so our calls to God will have good answers from Him. Read the Bible, study it with heart. Keep your profession of faith strong and you will bet answers.

4)      You need to keep fully charged: “Let us not stop meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another.” (10:25) Meeting together means assemble to worship in Greek. Regular meetings with fellow believers in Bible study, in worship, in discipleship classes and other fellowship functions are ways God designs for our spiritual growth to keep our faith strong. Although God is always available and willing to answer our prayers regardless of our spiritual condition, we have to keep our spiritual life sensitive to His instruction, direction and guidance by continuous meeting with Christians. The calls from lone rangers are long shots to access God.



1)    Let’s be resolved: Today is the last day of 2006 and we are going to enter 2007 soon. Although no one may predict what may happen in the world or in our life, we can be resolved to have that instant access to God through prayers. Keep that line open all the time and be sure that God is in your plans for the New Year.

2)    Dip into his resource: No one can imagine what does God have and how much he can do in this world and in our life. As the Creator of the universe, you can be sure that He knows what you need and is able to sustain all of them. Before you exhaust all your resources, get connected with God and draw from Him all your needs. Keep your knees bended and pray.

3)    Set up your account now: In order to use the instant access privilege, you have to set up an account with God and that is to accept His Son, Jesus Christ, to be your Savior and Lord. Jesus is the only way to access your line to God. Make that decision while you still can and don’t leave home w/o it.