“IN CONFERENCE”                                               By Pastor YAU

Text: Luke 11:1-10                                                   July 2, 2006



1)   “I’m sorry!” The president of a large company wanted to talk to the factory’s manager. But the manager’s secretary said, “He cannot be disturbed. He’s in conference---as he is everyday at this time.” “Tell him the president wants to see him,” the man responded impatiently. The secretary firmly replied, “Sir, I have strict orders never to disturb him while he is in conference.” Angrily, the man brushed past the secretary and opened the door to the manager’s office. After one quick look he backed out, gently closed the door and said, “I’m sorry!” The president had found his manager on his knees in front of an open Bible.

2)   Time to recharge: Many years ago, there was a children TV program named Automan. This man could run much faster than anyone, could lift much heavier weights than anyone, was able to hear much farther than anyone and could do so many things others could never do. But there is one condition: he needed to be recharged every morning to regain his power for the day. If there is no time to recharge, he would lay dead, much weaker than anyone. Many people equate a quiet time each morning with Jesus as a time of recharging for Christians to regain power for that day.   



1)    That was what Jesus did: Scripture references like the text of today’s message and Matthew 14:22-23 indicated the regular practice of a quiet time for prayer in the life and ministry of Jesus. Even as the Son of the living God, Jesus spent lots of time to seek the will of His Father and communicated with Him so He will be fully in accord with the Father. If Jesus needed time to recharge in prayer, how much more we need time with God to be strong in our living and serving Him.

2)    That was what Paul did: We all know that Paul was a man of prayer. He was sent by the Holy Spirit to bring the message of salvation to the gentiles when he was in a prayer meeting. (Acts 13:1-4) He prayed before installed elders in the church. (14:22-23) He prayed when he was in the prison at Philippi (16:25-30) and he prayed before embarked on board to face charges in Jerusalem. (20:36) Paul prayed for churches and individuals. (1 Corinthians 1:4, Ephesians 1:15-17, 3:14) He encouraged the early Christians to be fervent in prayer. (Eph. 6:18) He asked them to prayer for him. (Eph. 6:19) If Paul needed to recharge his spiritual power with prayer, all of us certainly need that as well.

3)    That is what many Christians do: Through the 2,000 years of history, countless Christians gave testimonies that their faith were strengthened, hope increased, power restored and many other aspects of Christian living became stronger and more dynamic all because they spent time in prayer. Books were written, workshops and conferences were conducted, sermons were preached on the power of prayer. Unless you believe you can do all things by your own power, you need to spend time with God.

4)    That is what we need to do: Apostle Paul explained in great detail in Ephesians 6:10-19 that we are fighting a war against the Evil Spirit and prayer is the best armor to defeat the Devil. We gain spiritual insight to see things God’s way, receive power to resist temptation from the devil, the world and our corrupt nature by submitted to the power of prayer. We commit our daily routines with prayer to protect us from falling, from being succumbed to evil, from making wrong choices. We ask the Lord to be in control of our lives each day through prayers and we may be able to stand firm by the power of prayer. In you want to win, you need to spend time with Him.



1)     It strengthens relationship with God: We all understand the importance of constant communication between parties to strengthen relationships. Be it relationship between spouses, parents to children, between friends, coworkers and all other human relationships, regular communication is paramount in keeping and growing that relationship. The same is true between God and us. This is not for God to know us more or better because He knows everything about us to begin with. It is for us to know more about God and His will in our lives.

2)     It keeps us on right focus: We see too many people live their life without clear purpose and life becomes burden without meaning. They are so busy in daily routines but have not direction where they are going. To have a daily time with God provides us a channel to seek God’s purpose and direction for our life and helps to keep us from straying away from Him. Just as if you are doing something on a huge project, you know your part in the whole thing and the progress each day makes to the big picture. You know you are on the way to success some day.

3)     It improves our wisdom: When you have a regular schedule with God reading your Bible passage and study the daily lesson you always get something, some truth or lessons from the Bible and/or the devotional message. Bit by bit you are feeding and growing your spiritual appetite and statue with or without your knowing. Few people get an overnight dramatic change of life but lot many people grow their faith, love and spiritual maturity by small steps and daily time with God plays a huge part of it.

4)     It supplies us spiritual energy: We all know that serving the Lord, doing His will, obeying His commands are not part of our human nature. There are times we feel weak and unable, lose interest and meaning in doing what we have been doing for years, facing distractions and criticism or just plain burnout and want to quit. That is the time we need to stand close to God, to stand tall in time of trial and defeat, to keep running your race, fighting your good fight and keeping your faith. All these come from the accumulation of strength from your daily conference with God. The energy to go through difficult times and come out victorious comes from your quiet time with Him each day.



1)    I am just too busy: This is the most common reason or excuse many of us can’t keep a regular quiet time with God. Sometimes it is true but most times it is a matter of mindset: it is not really that important. We all have time to do things we MUST do because they are important to our life or needs. If you see daily time with God is the most important thing of your life, you always will find time to do it and do it the first thing of the day.

2)    I will do it later: Most Christians agree that it is good to have a quiet time with God each day but think that we may catch up at a later time when we have more time and focus. That attitude of procrastination pushes away what is important to you today. We procrastinate in many things and therefore things we should do but left undone, projects we never finish, letters we never get around to write, phones calls we never make and the list goes on and on and life ends up a big mess without any sense of accomplishment. Do no allow this attitude gets between you and God. If you know it is good and important, set your mind to do it today not tomorrow or next week or someday later.

3)    It is so boring: Many kids don’t like their mothers’ cooking: always the same thing, the same tastes and the same look. If some of these kids quit eating what their moms put on the table for a long period of time, they certainly will suffer many health problems due to under or malnutrition. The same is true in not taking spiritual food supply from daily time with God. It may be boring at times but it is necessary for us to grow spiritually strong and we can’t quit just because how we feel. Some medication may taste bad but they are good for our health and we can’t afford not to take them. Same principle applies in our conference time with God.

4)    I don’t really need that: The reason I list this at last is because not many people say it that way, but many think it that way at least subconsciously. When you don’t feel you really need God to lead you, to protect and guide you, to keep you from harms way, there is not urgent need to spend time with Him seeking anything. You are pretty confident that you can handle life quite well so far and in the foreseeable future, you don’t feel that you need to do so.  But this is a very dangerous attitude. Who do you think you are? Invincible? Always right? Always make it? On top of the world? Just wait for a little while for the next storm to come and you will be all alone to face it all. Yes, you do need God and you need to start seeking His face now.



1)   Don’t make mistakes: Realign your priority and see the truth that you need God each and every day. Spend time to build a closer relationship with Him so when you need Him you know where to find. Don’t wait till the last minute for you may not find Him anywhere.

2)   You have nothing to lose:  We spent a lot of time doing things that are of no lasting value: gossiping on the phone, watching TV program or a ballgame, reading junk mail, etc. why not use time wisely and profitably with God that will certainly benefit your life now and in eternity. Make it #1 thing of the day and see how those 15 minutes may change your life.

3)   Believe Him to call Him: Paul said, “How can they call Him when they have not believed in Him.” (Romans 10:14) He was trying to encourage Christians to bring the gospel to the lost so they can believe Him and call Him. If you have not believed in Jesus, you cannot call Him or your calling won’t mean anything to you or Him. So, take Him to your heart today and begin to call on His name and you will be saved. (Romans 10:13)