ďGOOD SEED AND BAD SEEDĒ††††††††††††††††††††††† By Pastor Yau

Matthew 13:24-30†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† November 9, 2003



†††††† Matthew 13 is known as the PARABLE chapter.The theme of all the 6 or 7 parables in this chapter is THE KINGDOM OF GOD.The SCOPE of the Kingdom varies from the WORLD at large to the HEART of man.The GOOD seed is the WORD of GOD while the BAD seed is the work of the devil. The intention of sowing the bad seed is to disrupt the growth of Godís Kingdom.



†††††† Through out the history of man and that of the Church, we see the fact that wherever there is good seed of God, there is bad seed of the devil, be it in the world, the church or in the hearts of men.Satan never stops disrupting the growth of Godís work anywhere and every where.

†††††† The word translated weed or tare is ďnu-wenĒ in Greek. It refers to a common poisonous weed grass looks very close to wheat. It grows faster than wheat, its roots grow deeper that consume most of the resources the ground has to offer and therefore hinder the normal growth of the good seeds.

†††††† We see this all over the world and in the hearts of men.Evil and its fruits may often times look attractive, draws more support of men and naturally blocking the normal growth of righteousness, purity, dignity and good work.Many were misled to believe in evil than good. Human hearts, as well as the world, are battle grounds between good and evil. Whoever controls the hearts of men controls the world.

†††††† The church of Jesus is also a battle ground.The devil has penetrated into the church from early days, and is more vigorous in destroying the power and the testimony of Godís church today.Heresies had distorted the truth of God.Manís work had replaced grace as the base of salvation. And most recently, politically correct and pleasing of the wrong majority have replaced seeking the will of God and obedience to the Bible.



†††††† Many of the faithful will respond to the disturbing facts of good and evil, be it in the world, the church or in the hearts of men.Some may react to it as did the servants in the parable: fervently asking permission to weed out the bad.The response of the master may have startled the servants. Why doesnít God exercise His power to get rid of evil in the world, the church and the hearts of the evil doers.

†††††† While we may never fully understand the logic of the Master, we can be sure for one thing: He knows the problem and will deal with it decisively in His time. Our faith in the justice of God is needed in facing such situations and we need to be patient and obedient to Godís way.God never tolerates evil and its works.But the time and method of dealing with it is His discretion.

†††††† As much as God hates evil, He loves the good.God never wants to see His faithful get hurt in the process of rooting out evil.The power and seeming victory of evil is only temporary.God and His goodness will always conquer evil in His time.We need to trust the power and wisdom of God in His dealing with evil.



†††††† Joseph Shaw, a bible scholar has given some good observations for us to consider as we face the battle of good and evil.

1)      We need to have the faith in all the born again Christians that they all have the intention or desire to be good seeds that bear good fruits.This is the fundamental position we need to have in dealing with brothers and sisters in Godís church. Suspicion and mistrust in Godís church can only create blockage and hurts Godís work. We need to start from a solid ground of trusting God in bringing His people together in any given location.

2)      Even though the seed of salvation we received from God is good seed, we as human beings, will never be ALL good at ALL times.As Apostle Paul confessed in Romans 7, there is always the presence of evil in our hearts that may bring us down in the face of good. We need to be close to the source of power to overcome evil and that source is Jesus Christ. (Romans 7:24-25)

3)      Never ever have the idea that only you are the good seed and you have the mandate of God to root out the bad.We have seen individual Christians, churches and even denominations suffer irreversible damages and destruction just because there are mavericks who think they are the only good ones.Using the name of God in hurting a brother in Christ is never Christian. Prayers and trusting God in His timing and method are the things we need to do under such conditions.



†††††† Ever since the fall of man, there is EVIL in this world and everything in it.It is important for Godís children to learn from Jesus in handling the fact of good and evil.Remember we are all sinners.No one is better than any other when we see the perfect God and His love.