“BE ALL YOU CAN BE”                                      By Pastor Yau

John 1:35-42                                                        February 8, 2004



       The popular Chinese philosophy of life “BE MODERATE” or MEDIOCRITY comes in direct collision with the slogan used by US government in recruiting men and women for military service: “BE ALL YOU CAN BE.”  There are two sides of this Chinese MODERATE approach of life: the good and the not-that-good.  The good side is when it comes to things that could hurt you if you over do it, such as eating too much, driving too fast, work too many hours, asking too much of others, etc.  But this particular mindset has a far reaching deficiency if we apply it in pursuit of personal achievements, goals, developing potentials and making the best of life.

       The Bible gives us a mandate: advancing our spiritual growth, level of commitment, closer walk with the Lord and winning the prize that Christ has set for each one of us, as the Apostle Paul related his own experience in Philippians 3:12-14.  The Scripture quotation above recorded a life experience of 2 disciples of Jesus and how did they advance to the top of their potential to make the history of Christian church.


FOLLOW THE BEST: (1:35-37)

       In these 3 verses of the scriptures, 2 of John’s disciples left him to followed Jesus after they heard John declared once again that Jesus is the Lamb of God.  Some might say these 2 disciples of John were not faithful to their master, or they were indecisive in their disciple life.  While there is nothing wrong of following John, the fore-runner of the Messiah, but no one can argue that John is not the Messiah, by his own admission, and Jesus is.

       To follow is being human. All of us are following others, either consciously or unconsciously. We follow the mass in many ways from the kind of food we eat, to the clothes we wear to values of life and things, etc.  Some sad stories we heard were the results of following the wrong leaders. If anyone ones to dedicate his life to follow someone, you better be very sure that you follow the best possible.

       There is none besides Jesus who is the best we must follow, be it for salvation, for daily life, for moral improvements, integrity of life and many other aspects.  Everyone else is fallible and everything else is subject to deterioration. Make Jesus the model of your life. Make his life the goal of your pursuits, and you are on the way to excellence.


SEEK THE BEST: (1:38-39)

       When Jesus saw these 2 men were following him, he asked, ”What are you seeking?”

Seeking is being part of human.  Men has been seeking endlessly since the dawn of history: food, comfort, security, possessions, fame, power, love, acceptance, just to name a few. Many people seek the wrong things and end up either never get them or render them meaningless after acquired them. It is important to know what we are seeking.

       The Bible says, these 2 disciples were seeking to be with Jesus, to stay with him, to be in his presence 24/7. In fact, they spent the night right there with Jesus.

       Too many so called Christians only seek the benefits or blessings of Jesus: salvation, answers of prayers, sense of security, a place in heaven, wisdom and guidance in tome of doubts and confusion, just to name a few.  Very few Christians really want to have Jesus in their lives, to be with Him all day and all night.  They want to be His disciple on a part-time basis. They want their own space and freedom where Jesus is not welcome.



       One of the 2 new disciples of Jesus as named Andrew.  After he spent the night with Jesus, he went straight to his brother Simon. He did 2 things: he told Simon they had found the Messiah, and he led him to see Jesus.

       While everything we do to serve Jesus in a church, at home or in any other place, if we do it with all our hearts, are honorable and important, the one thing that is above all is: leading others to see Jesus.  Just think of it: had Andrew never witnessed to Simon, had Simon never saw Jesus and never becomes a believer, how in the world would he receive a new name from Jesus, became the most visible and dedicated disciple who preached the first evangelistic message that saved 5,000 souls in one gathering?  Whatever we do for the Lord, we do it with the goal of leading someone to see Jesus.



       When Simon met Jesus, he received a new name, a new ID and a new mission. He is no longer a fisher of fish but a fisher of man.  He came to Jesus with all his heart, even sometimes too much on the human side. He gave Jesus all he had, and he became the ROCK of the Christian church, as history calls him.  No one could ever estimate how much God can make a man His channel of blessing.  It is up to us, how much we are willing to commit, to pursue, to advance and to dedicate. If God can feed 5,000 people with 5 loaves and 2 small fish, he can use anyone of us who have little to give, to achieve unimaginable wonders for His Kingdom.



       God raised some giants of faith in every Christian movement. He also raises some fully committed Christians in each of His churches to build His kingdom on earth.  How much are you willing to become ALL YOU CAN BE in being His disciples?  The choice is your and the sky is the limit.