THE BEST REST AREA                              BY: PASTOR YAU

MATTHEW 11:28-30                                    September 21, 2003



       Any one who has traveled knows the importance of rest areas.  Oftentimes tired and sleepy drivers look for rest areas as places of relieve and rest.  We may imagine the weary and exhausted travelers of Jesus’ days who had no super highway, no automobiles, no resting areas, carrying heavy loads, journeyed on endless miles.  That is exactly the way Jesus used in describing the life of men---weary and heavily burdened travelers.



       Many people today see life as heavy loads: endless responsibilities, works and schools, finance, family and children, etc.  They carry these loads day after day knowing not if there is an end of this.  Some will carry their loads with grudges and fights, other feel helpless and hopeless but have to drag on, still others looking for ways to quit.  Life is all about duties and loads without meaning and purpose.  People quit schools, job, marriages and even their own lives.  What these people need is a place they can rest, and that is what Jesus has to offer.



       Jesus initiated the call of rest when He said: “COME TO ME all those who are weary and heavily burdened.” (Matt. 11:28) This call was so important in the days of Jesus when there were no REST AREAS on the highway of life. It is true today even there are rest areas on interstate highways. God knows us and our pain of human experience. Some people try to find rest in man-made security. Others think they may find rest in self indulgence in alcohol and drugs.  Still others will try to find rest in illicit relationships or perverted practices.  All these may provide temporary satisfaction to numb the inner deep yarning for rest, they will not last long in man’s need of spiritual rest.  Anything that is external cannot and will not provide real rest in the journey of man.



       When Jesus called those who were weary and heavily burdened to come to Him, He did not ask them to drop their loads or duties which many of us really want to. Jesus never wants His people to quit their duties or to run away from their responsibilities.  He promised them a new formula: STRENGTH IN EVERY STEP OF LIFE.

       The compound word Jesus used which we translated REST means AGAIN and JUVENATING from which we have the word RE-JUVENATION.  Jesus promised to give us STRENGTH after STRENGTH after STRENGTH all the way thru our journey on earth no matter how hard or how long they may be.  His everlasting arms are available to those who will come and find REST in Him.



       Even to Christians, God never promises easy life on earth.  But He promises daily supply of strength, direction and meaning to those who will come to HIM and trust His love and care.