“BECAUSE YOU ARE YOUNG”                                   By Pastor YAU

Text: 1Timothy 4:12; Psalms 119:9              Youth Sunday, Dec. 4. 2005



1)     The old tradition: Among many traditional cultures, being young usually does not enjoy much respect or position. People usually associate young with immaturity, impatience, inexperience, self-center, undependable and ignorant. That’s why there are laws to stop persons too young from driving, drinking, occupy certain government positions such as the president of the United States.

2)     The new trend: But time has changed and more young people are gaining more respect and occupying prestigious positions. A high school senior was just elected mayor of a small town defeated the 52 years old incumbent. Many relatively young adults are now occupying high positions in major corporations, science fields and academic communities.



1)   God doesn’t play favoritism: God certainly used many matured adults to carry out His plans. He also used some young people both in the Old and New Testaments. Moses was chosen when he was only a baby. King David, while he was the youngest among all the brothers, was chosen to be king of God’s people. Prophet Samuel was called by God when he was a young boy at 12 and Jeremiah told God he was too young and didn’t know what to say when God called him to be His spokesman. Age is never a problem in following and doing God’s work.

2)   Young and dedicated: Many people who become Christians in the later part of their lives often time regret the waste of all those youthful years. If time could be pushed back, many of these people would rather choose to serve the Lord when they were younger. Prophet Samuel was blessed to be dedicated at age 12 to serve God in His temple. So was Jeremiah who was called when he was too young to know what to say. Jesus sat among the teachers in the temple when he was only 12. Paul was a young man when God called him to be His messenger to the gentiles. I gave my life to the Lord for full time service when I was only 21. It is a blessing to give yourself to God when you are young because you have so many years to serve Him.


THE CHALLENGES YOUTH FACES: Timothy was certainly young when he became the pastor of the church at Ephesus. He was facing many challenges in doing his job in ways that would benefit the people in the church. Paul asked that he needed to grow in several areas so he could be an example to others. Young people today also need to grow in those areas in order to function properly and become useful in God’s church.

1)   In speech: Words spoken through your mouth represent what is there inside of you. The Bible has so much to teach us, especially the youth, on words used everyday in school, at home and in church. Wholesome words and proper attitude in using them set yourself apart from the rest of the world.

2)   In action: What you do and how you do it with your life send out lights other may see what kind of people you are. This may be applied in how diligently you do your school works, honestly fulfill your responsibilities, keeping your promises, handling your friendship the right way and managing you time and life in honor and integrity. You are in the character/personality formatting years. What you do or not do will affect the rest of your life.

3)   In love: Love is very important in our lives. It is more important in the lives of the youth. We read stories after stories on the wrong way of showing love and tragedies resulted from it. This 14 years girl gave her love to a wrong man and it ends up got her parents murdered and herself kidnapped. If young people first give your love to Jesus with all your heart and soul and focus on doing things to glorify God, then you will bring honor and glory to Him.

4)   In faith: Many people began their journey of faith in Jesus when they were young and that is very good. I was born in a Christian home and was baptized as a young boy. But too many of these young Christians drift away from their faith when they grow up, go to college, begin to work or when they get married and have children. They allow this world and its corrupted influence creep in to their faith and take over their hearts and they forget the commitment they once made to their Lord and Savior. Nothing hurts the heart of Jesus more than this. Make a strong commitment to keep your faith all through your life. Then pass it on to your children and the children of your children. It is your honor to keep your faith strong so you will never betray Jesus like Judas did.

5)   In purity: “Give us clean hands, give us pure hearts” words of a praise song as a prayer for all of us, especially the youth. Purity comes first from a clean heart. If a heart is polluted with filthy thoughts, unclean desires, dirty images from bad movies, video, internet garbage, books, magazine and dirty jokes, then you are risking your life and future in unclean habits, words and actions. “Above everything else, keep your heart (clean), for it is the wellspring of (your) life.”(Proverbs 4:23)



1)    Youth is important: Young people, what makes you so important in this church that so many people love you, care about you, teach you, counsel you, guide you, help you, and 1,000s of dollars spent in programs, trips, conferences and many other things this church and the people do for you? And why do we have this Youth Sunday? It is more than just to have a time for you to plan and handle the program of a worship service.

2)    It is a time for commitment: It is a time for all of you to reinforce your commitment to God and to the church. Never forget this day you make your commitment to God. Keep growing stronger, be more faithful and dedicated year after years and you will all grow up to be men and women after God’s heart.