“ATTITUDE AND VALUE”                                 By Pastor Yau

Matthew 13:44-46                                              December 7, 2003



       Sayings like “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” and “one man’s junk is another’s treasure” reflect a basic human approach on values, be it to persons or things, and the basis of that approach is ATTITUDE.  Attitude determines value of things, persons and everything else around us.  Therefore to have proper attitude is of vital importance in our pursuit of higher value of life.

       In the above quoted Scripture, Jesus presented parables of two men who exercised their personal attitude on the value of the Kingdom of God represented by treasure and the priceless pearl.  In these parables of searching, finding and having the Kingdom of God, we are told of some very important lessons on this matter:



       The men who discovered the treasure and the pearl did so by their personal efforts. No one makes decisions for their searching and buying of the priceless procession.  This is also true in regard to searching and entering the Kingdom of God.  It is always a personal desire, decision and investment of time and efforts for a personal to build his relationship with God.  No family, no church, no anyone else may make a decision for anyone to have the saving relationship with his God.  Each person is responsible for his/her own destiny.



       Many people spend tons of money, time and efforts to buy things that either render useless at time of need or valueless over time. Things this world could offer, such as name, wealth, power, recognition, etc. are all of temporary value.  They are in no comparison to knowing and having the Kingdom of God, a saving relationship with the creator and savior of man.  Seeking to know God and His plan of salvation is of eternal value that nothing in this world may be able to comprehend.  Way too many people just don’t see the great value of having Jesus in their lives.



       The field where the precious treasure had been hidden might have been traveled by countless people with no one who sees the treasure.  The place where the priceless pearl has been hidden might have been passed by thousands of people, yet no one has the insight or capacity of knowing the hidden treasure.  Seeking and having the Kingdom of God is a spiritual matter and is only visible by those who have that spiritual capacity.  Too many people were blinded by the temporary and unimportant pursuits of this world.  They just can’t see the value of having a saving relationship with God thru Jesus Christ.



       People who do not know Jesus do not understand the joy, peace and hope in the lives of those who have a personal relationship with God.  The fact that those men who found the treasure and the pearl were exceedingly joyful points to a higher goal and value of believers of Jesus.  Having God in one’s life is not restrictive or burdensome.  It is of great joy knowing the presence of God and His love and mercy for our daily lives. The confidence of having God in us brings us great comfort and peace,



       The fact that the men had to sell all their properties in order to buy the treasure and the pearl teaches us an eternally important lesson: you have to make a choice---you can’t have God and this world at the same time. You HAVE to make a choice.

       So many people recognize the value of the Kingdom of God and are willing to have that.  But most of them are not ready or willing to give up their world in exchange for the things of God.  God will never be happy to have the second place in anyone’s life.  God has given us the capacity and the opportunity to know His Kingdom and to stay close to Him.  To those who treasure the high priced eternal life with God, these men will have to pay a price.  It takes the special wisdom of God for us to see the true value.



       Life is full of the opportunity of making decisions and choices.  Anyone who takes it serious on his/her saving relationship with God and Christ, he/she has made an eternal choice that will affect their lives and those of their children.

       How do you like the freedom of worship, the freedom of having fun with old friends and well as the new ones.

       IT IS ALL ABOUT YOUR ATTITUDE AND VALUE.  Pray that you all will make the best decision before it is too late.